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Top 4 Tips to File and Receive Workers' Compensation in Nassau, New York

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Updated 1:43 PM CDT, Wed, June 07,2017

Discover the top four tips to filing a claim for Workers’ Compensation in Nassau, New York.

Nassau, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/07/2017 -- One of the hardest things to do as an injured worker is to undergo lost wages from being out of work and medical bills. New York law provides relief for on-the-job accident sufferers.

Workers' Compensation in Nassau helps cover income lost in the event the worker is unable to work. To be covered by the Workers' Compensation Law in Nassau, the following conditions need to be met:

- The employee must continue to work for the company. Even if the injured worker is put in a different job position on a temporary basis, they must stay with the job.

- The injury, whether it is physical harm, sickness or illness, or a temporary or permanent disability, it had to have occurred while on the job. Even if the worker was working off premises, such as running errands, the time spent performing the task still counts.

- The employee must notify the employer of the injury with a written notice. It is likely the employer has a form for an injury at work.

- The employee must receive a medical exam and it must state the injury, injury, or disability was a result of performance or being on the job.

Tips to Gain Workers' Compensation Benefits

1. Make a claim right away. The injured worker needs to make a claim within 30 days of the injury.

"The sooner, the better," says Mary Ellen O'Connor, a Nassau work injury lawyer. "The injured worker to file in writing to their employer within 30 days."

2. See a doctor within 48 hours of the accident. An injury doesn't wait for when a worker has time to see the doctor for a medical report. It's important that the employee sees the doctor to evaluate their injury and receive the preliminary report, known as a Doctor's Initial Report (C-4) to report the injury and receive benefits.

3. Report the injury to the Workers' Compensation board and insurance company.

"A claim can be denied based on inaccurate paperwork," O'Connor said. "To avoid delays in receiving Workers' Compensation, hire an attorney to help with filing and communication with the board. As a Nassau based workman's compensation attorney, I fight for the rights of injured workers day in and day out, especially when their claim is denied. The denial can be based on anything and it takes a lawyer with experience to help."

4. Make sure NOT to sign anything the insurance company brings to sign. Claim adjusters with the insurance company will attempt to have authorizations signed, sometimes even settlements. An injured worker should NOT sign anything until they talk with one of our Nassau lawyers for Workers' Compensation. All letters need to go to a lawyer for review before signing anything.

Having to deal with a work-related injury is difficult also experiencing loss of wages. To recover completely, the injured worker needs to reduce the amount of stress they're experiencing. Our Nassau Workers' Compensation law firm provides a free consultation request for local Nassau-based clients.

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