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Tollers Can Help Individuals Make a Child Abuse Claim

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Updated 10:00 AM CST, Wed, February 01,2017

Northampton, Northamptonshire -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/01/2017 -- With over 100 years of experience providing legal representation to adults that have suffered child abuse, Tollers are a leading regional law firm, with the expertise to help individuals through their claims process.

What Can Tollers Do for their Clients…

Providing each of their highly valued customers with a no obligation assessment of the specifics of their individual circumstances, Tollers state they provide a "jargon free" service on potential claims, ensuring each individual receives the support and guidance they need to pursue a viable claim.

Understanding that legal fees can put unnecessary strain on an individual, and that financial circumstances should never stop justice from being delivered, Tollers can offer help and legal aid on a "No Win No Fee" basis.

Tollers have a large team of fully qualified solicitors, specialising in adult child abuse claims. They state they will "listen to your full story in an empathetic way" making sure they understand what their client would like to achieve by making a legal claim. Their expert legal team will then clearly explain all legal processes, the next steps to be taken if the client wishes to proceed, and the evidence that will need to be provided in order for a claim to be successful.

The dedicated legal team at Tollers can also help individuals that have a wide variety of Criminal Assault Compensation Claims, where they will ensure the claims meets a wide variety of criteria, including:

- The incident that caused the injury occurred less than two years ago - there are some exemptions if the victim is a child.

- The injury was serious enough to require medical treatment on more than one occasion.

- The incident was reported to the police and the client never prevented them from seeking prosecution.

- The client does not have a criminal record of their own.

- The client's behaviour and actions before, during or after the assault did not contribute to the assault or injuries caused. In cases where it may be stipulated that the client's behaviour had a negative impact on the events, any award may be reduced or disallowed altogether.

- The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority pays no legal costs.

- No compensation is paid for loss of earnings for the first 28 weeks.

- The maximum award is £500,000.

According to their website, Tollers state that they will help their clients achieve the best possible result for a claim, applying their expertise and experience to each case they handle.

About Tollers
Tollers are a leading regional law firm founded in 1877, with 6 offices based across Northampton, Milton Keynes, Kettering, Corby, Stevenage and Kempston, and employing 163 members of fully qualified staff. As a well-established law firm, Tollers are experienced in a wide variety of legal claims, able to provide a modern approach to legal services.

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