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The Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson Explain What Justifies Reopening a Workers' Comp Claim

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Updated 10:47 AM CDT, Tue, June 18,2019

Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2019 -- Reopening a workers' compensation claim is a process that must be started within five years of sustaining a workplace injury due to the statute of limitations. Claims are re-opened when injuries worsen, claims have been unsuccessful, or benefits have been overpaid. The Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson are the leading Atlanta workers compensation lawyers and are now advising on what justifies the re-opening of a workers compensation claim.

Workers can reopen a claim if they notice errors or evidence of fraud in their previous settlement or claims process. Another justified reason for coming back to a claim is if a claimants' condition worsens or the previous compensation claim did not sufficiently address the injuries sustained and subsequent treatment needed to improve or cure those injuries.

Although workers can reopen their claims, so can insurance companies if they believe that claimants have been overcompensated and they want to reclaim compensation. If this happens, it's recommended that claimants seek legal advice, especially if they think that the amount of remuneration received was valid and just enough to cover their injuries.

Claimants are reminded that receiving a notification via post or email of potential errors on claims from insurers does not make them guilty. It's merely the action of a business looking to improve its profit margins in many cases.

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