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The Law Office of Zapicchi & Liller LLP Encourages Drivers to Keep Points off Their Licenses

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Updated 8:30 AM CST, Wed, December 04,2019

Bordentown, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2019 -- The Law Office of Zapicchi & Liller LLP warns drivers of the severity of license points. For New Jersey drivers who face moving violation charges and require legal representation provided by a traffic lawyer in Burlington County, NJ, The Law Office of Zapicchi & Liller LLP could save motorists significant fines and license points.

When a driver is convicted of a moving violation, the Mover Vehicle Commission will add points to the person's driving record. The severity of the offense will determine the number of points received. For example, driving 10 miles over the posted speed limit may earn a driver two points, while driving 30 miles over the speed limit would earn a driver five.

There are several drawbacks to having points on a license, and the more a person has, the more severe the penalties. With any amount of points, a driver's insurance rate may go up. If a driver has six or more points in three years, a fine will be issued. If the driver receives 12 or more points, the driver's license will be suspended, and the privilege to drive legally will be revoked. Hefty restoration fees are required to reobtain the license, and the driver is required to follow a series of steps before getting behind the wheel again.

Drivers do not have to accept the full impact of a conviction on their records — high insurance rates, fines, license revocation, jail time. A knowledgeable traffic violation lawyer will thoroughly review each case and develop a strategy to lower every driver's charges. If drivers require a speeding ticket lawyer in Mercer County, NJ, the proper course of action is to contact The Law Office of Zapicchi & Liller LLP.

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