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Succeeding in a 'Simple' Personal Injury Claim

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Updated 10:13 AM CST, Fri, February 01,2019

Anchorage, AK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/01/2019 -- There are instances where the manner in which a car accident occurs may make the issue of fault cut and dry. However, even though it is clear that the car accident was the other person's fault there is still an uphill battle against the insurance company especially if you are an unrepresented plaintiff.

It should be noted that in most cases rear end collisions are caused by the driver behind the other vehicle. While this might be the case, the personal injury claim in itself may not be as simple as determining fault. If you were rear ended by another vehicle you have two claims; one claim is for the damage to your vehicle and the other is for your bodily injury. In the claim for damages to your vehicle, the defendant is responsible to pay for your repairs or for the value of your vehicle. However, the insurance company will pay whichever is less. Therefore, if the value of your vehicle is less than how much it would be to get the vehicle repaired the insurance company will pay you for the value of the vehicle, and vice versa. Additionally, the insurance company will also owe you for towing and storage expenses that you may incur. In other situations the insurance company may pay you for the diminished value of your vehicle after it has been repaired.

A Crowson Law Group attorney commented, "When a person makes a personal injury claim for injuries sustained in an accident, the defendant is responsible for their medical bills, any lost wages due to being absent from work or the use of vacation time, pain and suffering and mental anguish that the plaintiff sustains." Generally, it is in this portion of your claim that the insurance company will try to pay as little as possible. A common argument that the insurance company will make is that your medical treatment and bills were unreasonable, your lost wages claim is unsupported and that you are asking for too much money for your pain and suffering and mental anguish. Therefore, although liability is clear, there are many issues that will be disputed surrounding the damages (and their dollar amount) that you suffered as a result of the accident.

One article stated, "It is always important to remember that the insurance adjuster is not your friend. His or her job is simply to pay you as little as possible as quickly as possible. So if the insurance adjuster can settle for one dollar within one day, that is exactly what he or she will pay you." 

The only way to get the compensation that you deserve for the injuries and damages that you have sustained is to contact accident and injury lawyers for legal advice and representation in your personal injury claim. Experienced personal injury Anchorage Alaska attorneys know very well how to deal with insurance adjusters when it comes to disputes regarding compensation amounts and proof of evidence necessary for the stated compensation amount.

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