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Scaffidi & Associates Obtain Significant Compensation for Clients Suffering from Traumatic Brain Injuries

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Updated 8:45 AM CDT, Wed, October 30,2019

New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2019 -- Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are injuries caused when the brain forcibly impacts the skull, causing physical damage to the brain. These injuries usually happen due to a violent jolt, shake, or damaging projectile to the head as a result of the wrongdoing, negligence, or recklessness of another party. When the actions of others cause a traumatic brain injury, they must be held liable for their actions by the attorneys at Scaffidi & Associates in New York City.

For TBI victims, the challenges and symptoms can be cognitive and psychological, including speech, language, and motor deficits, paralysis, nausea and vomiting, tinnitus, emotional imbalance, cognitive/intellectual issues, and, in some severe cases, coma and even death. Many of the symptoms and challenges can last from a few hours to a few years to an entire lifetime. In addition to these issues, permanent and expensive medical bills and long-term care can place victims and their family members in a difficult financial position.

Since 1985, the personal injury lawyers at Scaffidi & Associates have obtained over half a billion dollars in personal injury and medical malpractice recoveries, and they will fight hard for their clients' right to compensation for traumatic brain injuries. The attorneys at Scaffidi & Associates have a deep understanding of the medicine and science of traumatic brain injuries, and can negotiate lucrative settlements for their clients. If an agreement cannot be reached, they will be fully prepared to bring the case to trial and build up a convincing case with admissible evidence, expert testimonies, and witnesses.

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