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Personal Injury: Emergency Vehicle Accidents

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Updated 10:43 AM CDT, Mon, April 22,2019

This Press Release discusses emergency vehicle accident statistics and comments on filing a claim against an emergency vehicle driver.

Wasilla, AK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2019 -- The flashing lights and loud blaring sirens quickly inform the general public of the likelihood of an emergency or accident nearby. While emergency vehicles rush to save lives, it is necessary for other motorists sharing the road to move cautiously in order not to be involved in accidents with these emergency vehicles. However, accidents do occur.

While it is necessary for ambulance drivers, police officers and fire fighters to observe safety laws, they often advance at high speeds in order to save lives, prevent crimes and to put out fires. In any emergency, time is of the essence and such situations can create chaos on the roads leading to car accidents. According to one article basing its comments on a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) report of April 2014, "There are an estimated 6 500 accidents involving ambulances each year. 35% of crashes resulted in injury or fatality to at least one occupant of a vehicle involved. When injuries occur, there are, on average, 3 unique injuries per accident. On average, 29 fatal ambulance accidents produce 33 fatalities each year. Of those killed in an ambulance accident, 63% were occupants of a passenger vehicle, 21% were passengers in the ambulance, 4% were the ambulance drivers, and 12% were non-occupants."

Emergency vehicle drivers need to be well trained in order to drive in such kinds of circumstances and above all keeping patients safe or arriving at the scene as quickly as possible is of paramount importance, however, doing so must not endanger others. Emergency drivers often drive on shoulders, the wrong side of the road, go through red lights and drive at high speeds. Doing so requires that such actions be wholly necessary and must not stem from recklessness and not pose risks to others sharing the road. In a bid to avoid accidents emergency drivers use sirens and flashing lights in order to alert motorists of their presence. Safety precautions on the part of emergency drivers include slowing down when approaching an intersection as well as ensuring that there is enough room when passing other vehicles and pedestrians.

A Crowson Law Group attorney commented, "There is a duty on both the part of the emergency vehicle driver as well as on the part of the general public. Emergency vehicles are loud and have bright lights for the very reason to notify motorists of their approach and in order for such motorists to yield to the emergency vehicles. However, while emergency vehicles have the right of way when it comes to driving on the road, emergency vehicle accidents are handled in the exact same way as any other motor vehicle accident. Injured drivers and passengers should be attended to first and all details with regards to the accident must be documented. Additionally, where an individual suffers property damage and injury as a result of an accident involving emergency vehicle, a personal injury claim may be initiated in order to receive compensation. That being said it is important to note that initiating an auto accident claim against an emergency vehicle operator can become complicated depending on the circumstances associated with the accident. Such vehicles may be government or privately owned which could also impact how a claim is handled. Therefore, it is necessary to get a car accident attorney in Wasilla to provide legal advice and representation."

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