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New Webinar Hosted by Florida Medical Attorneys

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Updated 11:56 AM CDT, Tue, September 18,2018

The Florida Healthcare Law Firm will be hosting a new webinar this month, conducted by their Florida medical attorneys.

Delray Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2018 -- Florida medial lawyers Susan S. John and Michael Silverman of The Florida Healthcare Law Firm will be hosting their next webinar, "How To Add Medical Marijuana Treatment To Your Chiropractic Practice", On September 26th from 12-1pm. Topics will cover identifying if you currently have enough patients to qualify, if you need to hire an MD or DO to assist you and if they need to be full or part time, how to schedule appointments, health care compliance and regulatory services and more.

"These webinars give doctors and business owners an opportunity to get reliable information from an actual business law lawyer in Florida. With the industry changing on a daily basis, new policies and options are becoming available faster than people can keep up with. What was a simple practice a few years ago, now is licensed to offer medical marijuana treatments and telehealth services, increasing its profits without having to significantly increase cost. We can show you the steps that need to take place in order to accomplish that goal." Florida Healthcare Law Firm Representative

Every month, FHLF offers a free webinar hosted by their Florida medical attorneys, covering different health care compliance and regulatory services along with trending topics in the field. Telehealth has been one of the most popular topics along with medical marijuana, and the lawyers within the firm also contribute to a weekly blog. The goal of the campaign is to offer reliable, accurate and current information that can be used as a resource for doctors and business owners.

"Something new becomes available that can revolutionize your practice. How do you market it, who do you need to hire to manage it, what licenses do you need, what rules do you have to be compliant with? These are questions you need to ask a business law lawyer in Florida to ensure that you are getting the right answers and can move forward. We provide free options to get that information so that you know you are on the right path. If you are still unsure of something or need legal assistance to move forward, we are happy to provide that as well."

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Florida Healthcare Law Firm has been around for years, providing high-quality legal assistance to medical businesses and individual clients throughout the State of Florida. Monthly events including free webinars, blogs and other options are conducted to provide business owners and managers a platform to get detailed information related to their field. If you would like to see a topic covered or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us today.

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