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New Florida Telehealth Physician Webinars for July

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Updated 7:57 AM CDT, Mon, July 16,2018

Florida Healthcare Law Firm will be hosting two Florida telehealth physician webinars this July.

Delray Beach, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/16/2018 -- Florida Healthcare Law Firm will be hosting two webinars in July on the 17th and the 18th of the month covering Florida telehealth physician information, owning a pharmacy, stem cell legal updates and more. The firm usually hosts a new webinar each month but has decided to add a second based on demand for more updated information from a Florida medical staff lawyer.

"Our webinars cover trending topics in the industry like telehealth, Medicare, hiring and terminating physicians, marketing and more. Marketing is a big one because a lot of businesses are not sure how they can market themselves with so many more options available like social media, Google and more. For example, if you need help from Florida Medicare lawyers for a claims issue, we will make sure you get the right information, find reliable blogs on the topic and get the assistance you need, before you even meet with an attorney." Florida Healthcare Law Firm Representative

The Stem Cell Legal Update will be hosted by Matthew Fischer and the Pharmacy webinar will be hosted by Michael Silverman. Both are Florida Medicare lawyers with the firm who have their own areas of specialty. There will also be information provided that benefits Florida telehealth physicians and business owners in the blog section which is updated weekly by one of the firm's attorneys. This ensures that the information provided is not only accurate, but it is also updated to reflect the newest changes in policy or trends in the industry.

"It seems like there is something new in this industry every day. It can be a new piece of technology, a change in policy, a new business trend or something else. The rules that applied last year may be changed the following year just because we are learning more and more each day about the patient, doctor and how to connect the two for affordable and reliable care. Our job is to end the speculation and confusion and provide you with the right Florida medical staff lawyer who can assist you with your legal needs."

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