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Mississauga Criminal Lawyers Passi & Patel Provide Representation for Domestic Assault

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Updated 9:13 AM CDT, Tue, March 28,2017

The law firm of Passi & Patel provide representation for a wide array of criminal offences including domestic assault cases.

Mississauga, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/28/2017 -- The law firm of Passi & Patel provide representation for a wide array of criminal offences including domestic assault cases. The law office is pleased to announce it offers its services as soon as an individual has been arrested and charged for domestic assault, as well as any other criminal offence.

Domestic assault is a common allegation. Upon being arrested and taken to the local police department, there is a high likelihood that the accused will be held for a bail hearing. The lawyers at Passi & Patel are here to assist the accused, at any time of the day or night. Their criminal defence lawyers will help get those accused of domestic assault out on bail.

Domestic assault is one of those allegations that is used far too often as a means to resolve domestic disputes. One party feels they can merely call the police, claim domestic assault, and the problem will be resolved. However, what many people fail to understand, is once the police have conducted their investigation into the claim, if it is determined there are actual grounds for domestic assault, the accused will be arrested, regardless of the wishes of the complainant.

What this means for the accused, is now they are faced with a legal battle in criminal court. They must prove the allegations against them were unfounded, and preparing their legal defence can be challenging if they are locked up in jail. Therefore, it is always in the client's best interests to obtain legal representation from the very beginning, prior to their bail hearing.

For more information about Passi & Patel, or to request assistance from their criminal defence lawyers for a bail hearing for domestic assault or other crimes, please feel free to contact the law firm at 647-898-8018 or visit their official website at

The Mississauga criminal law firm of Passi & Patel remind those accused of domestic assault the importance of obtaining representation from one of their criminal defence lawyers prior to their bail hearing.

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The law office of Passi & Patel is located in Mississauga and provides legal advice and representation for all types of criminal offences throughout Ontario. The law firm was founded by Jay Passi and Rick Patel with a focus on being committed to their clients and assisting them in achieving the most appropriate outcomes possible for their criminal offences. Their law firm uses a refined and strategic approach and methodologies to produce favourable results.

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