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Major Possible Changes for Distracted Driving

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Updated 10:56 AM CST, Wed, March 06,2019

As efforts to curb distracted driving continue, Florida legislators are making bold moves when it comes to illegal distracted driving actions. Applying makeup or even petting a pet may be deemed illegal.

Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2019 -- The state legislators spearheading the tougher laws think Florida requires stricter laws for the road. To improve pedestrian and driver safety, the goal is to remove distractions while someone is behind the wheel so they concentrate exclusively on driving. Reading, interactions with unsecured cargo, use of a cell phone or any "personal wireless communications device", writing, all of these are examples of potentially illegal actions. A clause in the bill being proposed also mentions "any other activity, conduct, task, or action that causes distraction" that expands the range of what could be considered distracted driving.

The clause may lead to issues which could result in a law enforcement officer being able to pull someone over for just about any reason due to the subjective wordage. Eating while driving, for example, could be interpreted as being distracted.

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