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Keith J. Williams Law Defends Fourth Amendment Search and Seizure Rights

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Updated 7:37 AM CDT, Tue, September 18,2018

Doylestown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2018 -- Keith J. Williams offers legal counsel on many issues individuals can be facing, functioning as a criminal defense attorney in Bucks County as well as an active defendant of the rights afforded to individuals based on the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution. Knowing the rights given to individuals in the U.S. based on the Fourth Amendment allows people to better protect their personal privacy and actively inhibit unreasonable government searches and seizures of individuals, their homes, businesses, or property.

The Fourth Amendment gives people in the United States protection in instances such as traffic stops, police questionings, moments after an arrest, occasions when a law officer enters a home or business, as well as a wide variety of other circumstances. In these situations, officers of the law must provide individuals with a search warrant, an arrest warrant, or a valid reason for probable cause. When an officer violates Fourth Amendment rights in order to procure evidence, their actions are considered unconstitutional, and evidence, despite its seeming connectedness to a case, will fall under the exclusionary rule. This rule implicates all processes surrounding said case as unconstitutional or "fruit of the poisonous tree." Even if an individual confesses to the crime that was discovered via the aforementioned Fourth Amendment violation, they cannot be charged.

People who believe they may be the victim of a Fourth Amendment violation should speak to a lawyer immediately to understand their rights and actions that can be taken to rectify their situation. Keith J. Williams Law understands the nuances of the Fourth Amendment Violation Law. In addition, Williams functions as a juvenile defense attorney in Bucks County and a legal defendant for a range of other cases. To schedule a free, confidential consultation, call 855-703-1134.

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