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Keep Points off Your Teen's Driving Record with the Help of Carosella & Associates

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Updated 11:51 AM CDT, Wed, July 10,2019

West Chester, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2019 -- The experienced criminal defense lawyers at Carosella & Associates, P. C. offer outstanding legal representation to clients facing traffic violations charges. These types of charges are common among teenagers. Both minor and serious traffic violations can lead to points on a teen's driving record, hefty fines, license suspension and exorbitant insurance premiums. Traffic accidents are the leading cause of death in young people ages 16-24. Both Pennsylvania and New Jersey use a points system for drivers of all ages with the intention of improving driving habits while ensuring safe driving. In addition, there are laws that apply specifically to those under 21. In PA, a young driver's permit is suspended for 90 days if they accumulate six or more points or are convicted of a single high-speed violation. Pennsylvania's Zero Tolerance Law also carries serious consequences for those under 21 if they are convicted of driving with any amount of alcohol in their blood.

Contesting a traffic ticket may not seem like a complex legal matter, but if a teen is facing serious traffic violations the consequences can have a serious impact on their ability to get to school, extracurricular activities and work. Getting points reduced or keeping them off your license altogether can also save thousands of dollars in insurance costs. DUI and reckless driving cases involving serious injury or death may come with felony charges and jail time.

Whether a teen was pulled over for speeding or involved in a motor vehicle accident, our seasoned legal team at Carosella & Associates, P.C. will thoroughly investigate the facts of the incident for potential problems with human error, traffic control and enforcement devices. Our attorneys also handle negotiations with all involved parties, which may include the officer who issued the citation, the judge and district attorney. Your attorney will be your advocate in court, protect your rights and work toward the best possible outcome for your case. If you are convicted of a traffic violation, your attorney may file an appeal to have charges dismissed or reduced. Learn more about how to keep points off your driving record here.

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