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Jacobson & Rooks, LLC Helps Clients Negotiate Severance Agreements Upon Wrongful Termination

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Updated 1:48 PM CDT, Mon, June 04,2018

Marlton, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/04/2018 -- For years, the law firm of Jacobson & Rooks, LLC has been helping to negotiate severance agreements for wrongfully terminated employees in the Philadelphia area. As one of the most trusted teams of severance lawyers for Burlington County workers, Jacobson & Rooks, LLC is building a strong reputation in the region by settling employment disputes in lieu of litigation for a number of clients. Workers in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas who believe their termination was unlawful should contact Jacobson & Rooks, LLC to discuss their legal options.

While New Jersey and Pennsylvania are both "at-will" employment states, the termination of an employee may be considered unlawful for a number of reasons. One example of a wrongful termination may be when an employee is employee is "let go" in an act of retaliation for making complaints that are protected under the law. Being terminated for complaining about unpaid overtime or being discriminated against is retaliatory, and, illegal. Cases like these could be filed in court. But, in the alternative, it may be possible to negotiate a severance package without bringing the case before a judge.

The attorneys at Jacobson & Rooks, LLC evaluate the merits of each employee's termination case with scrutiny to determine the best course of action. Workers from West Philadelphia to Camden County need severance agreement lawyers for their wrongful termination cases, and Jacobson & Rooks, LLC takes each case personally, fighting for the maximum payment for each client individually.

Terminated employees who believe they have been wrongfully fired should call Jacobson & Rooks, LLC today at 800-406-8013 to discuss legal action and if a severance negotiation is a viable option.

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