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Hochman & Goldin Talk About Traffic Myths

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Updated 9:00 AM CDT, Wed, April 25,2018

Earlier this month, Hochman & Goldin discussed some of the myths and common misconceptions drivers often believe when it comes to receiving and dealing with traffic tickets.

Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/25/2018 -- Should a law enforcement officer make a mistake when filling out a ticket by writing information where he or she shouldn't have, this mistake is deemed a clerical error and it does not result in the ticket becoming invalid or instantly dismissable. However, circumstances may change should the officer document the erroneously document the vehicle or violation. A traffic attorney can assist with reviewing a case and determining what steps can be taken.

A common myth is the one where drivers mistakenly believe that if the officer who issued the ticket doesn't show up on the court date, the ticket will be dismissed automatically. Should the officer not make an appearance in court, the ultimate decision regarding the ticket and its potential dismissal lies in the hands of the judge.

Contrary to popular belief, signing a traffic ticket doesn't automatically result in the admission of guilt. Instead, signing is simply a way of acknowledging that the ticket was received. As a matter of fact, refusing to sign the ticket may result in extra penalties, including the prospect of being placed under arrest.

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