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Hochman & Goldin Discusses Turn Signals and Hazard Lights

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Updated 11:11 AM CDT, Wed, June 07,2017

South Florida law firm Hochman & Goldin, P.A. recently posted a blog discussing the importance of using turn signals and refraining from using hazard lights when driving along the streets of South Florida during a rainstorm.

Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/07/2017 -- By law, Florida drivers are required to use their turn signal or "blinker" when they intend to turn or change lanes. Because so many drivers fail to use them, there has been a considerable increase in collisions across the country, even more so than collisions caused by distracted driving. Using turn signals not only makes the roads safer for everyone, it could also reduce driver road rage.

Drivers that use their hazard lights when it is raining are risking receiving a ticket as it is against the law. Using hazard lights can confuse other drivers by making them think the vehicle is stopped, especially during a heavy rainstorm. The only time drivers are allowed to use their hazard lights when driving is during a funeral procession.

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