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Gershon, Willoughby, Getz & Smith, LLC Is Now Representing Medical Malpractice Cases Involving Erroneous Skin Cancer Removals

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Updated 5:00 AM CST, Fri, February 24,2017

Baltimore, MD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/24/2017 -- Gershon, Willoughby, Getz & Smith, LLC is a team of birth trauma attorneys located in Baltimore, MD, that handle all types of medical malpractice cases. Skin cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in the United States, and is also one of the most misdiagnosed. The law firm would like to let everyone know that their attorneys are immediately available to represent medical malpractice cases involving erroneous skin cancer removals.

When it comes to skin cancer diagnosis, a pathology report provides the surgeon with an accurate and complete outline of the best treatment plan. Surgery is the primary treatment for most cases of skin cancer removal, and it's critical when a patient goes in for cancer removal that the performing surgeon follows all instructions and advice given by the pathologist's report. Unfortunately, there are some instances where the surgeon does not remove enough of the skin cancer and/or neglects to follow the pathology report, and the patient's cancer spreads. The worst-case scenario when this happens is death, and under these circumstances, can be the basis for a claim.

If a patient, or patient's family needs help proving negligence for an erroneous skin cancer removal by a surgeon, look no further than the attorneys at Gershon, Willoughby, Getz & Smith, LLC. A lawyer at the firm will be assigned to the case and after looking over the information, the lawyer may consult with a medical expert that's in the field of the defendant (in this instance, another surgeon), and much more to prove compensation should be awarded. Negligence is usually found if the lawyer and/or the medical expert reports the standard of care was not followed.

Victims seeking representation in a medical malpractice case, or those in need of a birth trauma attorney, should contact one of the lawyers at Gershon, Willoughby, Getz & Smith LLC at 1-877-292-6491.

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