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Filing an Aircraft Accident Claim

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Updated 11:15 AM CST, Mon, March 04,2019

Anchorage, AK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2019 -- Travelling by air is still one of the safest forms of transportation and as a result it has become the most common forms of transportation used. Because air travel has become the most common form of transportation throughout the world, no one really likes to think about being involved in a plane crash when they are travelling. However, the reality is plane crashes happen and people should know what to expect in the event that this occurs. 

While airplane crashes are extremely rare when there is a major airline disaster the federal government provides support services to the families of victims and survivors.  A Crowson Law Group attorney commented regarding aircraft accidents, "Families and survivors are able to bring various legal claims against a number of parties including the airline, aircraft and parts manufacturers as well as others, however, this is dependent on what caused the accident. The same is true if the accident occurred in a smaller plane; a survivor or victim may have claims similar to those of an auto accident." The key in all of this is determining the cause of the airplane accident or near accident which causes injuries such as an emergency landing in freezing water.

One article stated, "According to studies made regarding airplane accidents, most airplane crashes are caused by pilot error, defective equipment, defective design or structural problems with the airplane, errors made by federal air traffic controllers, faulty maintenance or repair of the airline or fuel problems. As a result, it is likely that there is more than one factor that contributed to the accident. Therefore, determining what caused an airplane crash can be extremely difficult and is often done by a number federal agencies. One expert noted, "If you want to see how difficult it is to conduct an aircraft accident investigation take the time to watch the TV series Aircraft Investigations. It basically shows the intricate measures and lines of investigation taken when an aircraft accident seems to have an obvious cause. Investigators are not influenced by the media or the assumptions associated with the accident, rather they piece together the evidence they have found and come up with a conclusion after taking into consideration a number of factors as well as information provided by the black box, the point of impact and data provided by flight traffic controllers."

The Crowson Law Group attorney mentioned that if an individual is considering legal action in respect of Alaska aircraft accidents it is necessary for that individual to have their attorney investigate the findings of the investigative agencies as well as verify the accuracy of such investigation results. In addition, the attorney stated that the type of claims an individual may bring in any legal action largely depend on the cause of the accident. For example, a negligence claim is made whereby the crash is as a result of pilot error or other human mistakes. By making such a claim the individual is basically alleging that 'their injuries or the death of a loved one was a direct result of the carelessness of the pilot, air traffic controller or mechanic who serviced the plane'.

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