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Edwin L. Guyer Takes Care of the Filing Process for Expungement Cases

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Updated 7:00 AM CDT, Wed, June 14,2017

Blue Bell, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/14/2017 -- The process for expungement in PA is one with many complications. While the result itself can seem simple enough, the steps leading up to it can be very confusing to some. This is why it is essential to have a dedicated and seasoned lawyer on call to help handle the process for those looking to have their record expunged. Edwin L. Guyer, a lawyer operating in Pennsylvania, is more than capable of taking care of the intricacies of the expungement process.

When it comes to having a criminal record expunged, there are many items and pieces of information that must be obtained, including the date of the arrest, the offense for which they were charged, the name of the arresting law enforcement agency, the names of potential court-ordered programs and a record of whether it was a successful completion. If those with records who need expungement in Pennsylvania have an attorney like Edwin L. Guyer, they will be more likely to obtain all of their records to file a petition.

In order to file a petition, a number of other forms and documents must also be filled out including: the cover sheet, a copy of a completed docket sheet, Pennsylvania State Police criminal history, service of petition on the district attorney, and/or a separate form for summary offenses. Although there are many other requirements depending on the specific case, Edwin L. Guyer and his law office can navigate the system and determine all that is needed and required for a successful expungement filing process.

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