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Edwin L. Guyer Provides Details About Expungement Eligibility

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Updated 7:00 AM CDT, Wed, June 14,2017

Blue Bell, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/14/2017 -- Those who have been convicted of a crime or offense may be eligible for record expungement. Depending on circumstances and other factors, expungement in Pennsylvania can be a viable solution to many problems faced on a day to day basis. These problems can surface anywhere from applying to jobs to taking out a bank loan, and they can be extremely harmful to their overall quality of life, hindering them and preventing their assimilation back into society. With an experienced lawyer, such as Edwin L. Guyer, those with records can find out if they are eligible for expungement. With this information, they can then begin the process of freeing themselves of the constraints their past actions hold over them and finally start afresh.

Expungement in PA is possible for those with summary offenses or minor crimes that were tried by a judge only. These include: traffic tickets, contempt of court, and the like. This is only possible if they pled guilty, satisfied all terms and conditions of the sentence, and had been free of arrest or conviction for five years prior. There are many other factors involved with eligibility. For example, those who have criminal history qualify for expungement once they reach the age of 70 and have not been convicted or arrested for 10 years prior to release from incarceration.

Misdemeanors may also qualify for expungement following certain conditions. Depending on the specific case, Edwin L. Guyer can go over the details unique to the person in question and uncover whether or not they are eligible for a record expungement. It is very important to have all the ins and outs available in order to ensure a quick, smooth and effective process.

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