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Updated 11:34 AM CDT, Tue, April 23,2019

Wasilla, AK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2019 -- Technology has arrived at a point whereby a smaller vehicle has a black box within it that recounts the events or collects data with regards to how the vehicle has travelled. More importantly the black box provides data with regards as to how an accident occurred. The black box can be found in a smaller vehicle or something as large as an airplane that encounters a collision or accident. And it is from this data that an expert is able to reconstruct the accident in order to determine more of what happened.

Expert witnesses tasked with the job of accident reconstruction require a number of tools, equipment and enhancement methods in order to increase the reliability of the data on the black box. One article defined the black box as, "an event data recorder or may have other data that the expert witness could use to piece together the incident. This may involve trajectory, speeds of the car or both vehicles, electrical information from the automobile and the performance of the driver." In the event that the accident leads to severe injury or great physical damage to the roads, the accident reconstruction is extremely important in order to determine fault and liability with regards as to who is responsible for paying out compensation. 

In the state of Alaska fault can be shared among the parties involved in the accident, whereby a victim may be partially at fault and, as a result, may receive less compensation in a successful claim. That being said, it is important to establish fault as it determines how much monetary compensation parties to the accident can recover.

To recreate the incident the expert witness will need to use the data from the black box and other evidence found at the scene of the accident. Elements such as time, date and weather patterns provide additional information about what occurred on the day or night the incident happened. By piecing together this information the expert may have a better picture of what happened and how it affected the driver of the vehicle. When the accident reconstruction relates to an aircraft accident the weather plays a very important role. When it comes to road accidents the expert witness may consider road conditions, other drivers and various other factors from the black box information as well as eyewitness testimony; which brings out the bigger picture as to how the event took place and may point to the cause of the accident. In addition, it also helps the expert construct a timeline of events, making it easier to determine who is liable for damages.

After the expert witness has reconstructed the incident he or she may determine when and how the accident occurred and then provides their professional opinion and presents it to the jury or judge during his or her testimony along with any other necessary reports for the court.

Once the expert witness is able to recite the incident to the best of his or her ability they often create a report for the case or claim. The expert witness may need to connect a defendant's liability for compensation. Therefore, to prove a plaintiff's case an accident attorney in Alaska may employ the services of an expert witness. For legal advice and representation by a car accident personal injury lawyer contact a law firm of renowned professionals.

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