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Criminal Record Expungement Options Are Exposed by Edwin L. Guyer

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Updated 7:00 AM CDT, Thu, April 27,2017

Blue Bell, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/27/2017 -- Expungement in PA is available to those with criminal records who have had summary offense convictions, cases where ARD was received, dismissed cases, or are over 70 years old and have not had any arrests for ten years. If any of these instances match a case that has been limiting the quality of life for a family member or oneself, it is ideal to seek counsel with an experienced expungement attorney like Edwin L. Guyer.

In the state of Pennsylvania, there are many different kinds of expungement options available - of which includes: summary offense expungement, ARD expungement, arrest record expungement, record sealing, pardon, probation termination, firearm rights restoration, and juvenile expungement. To learn about all of these different options and their requirements, it is best to discuss with Edwin L. Guyer, also a DUI lawyer in PA, and go over personal qualifications. For instance, summary offense expungement must have five years between the summary offense and the expungement date, with no arrest or prosecutions during that time. It is imperative to have a lawyer who understands all of the variables that go into the different expungement options available.

Edwin L. Guyer is not only backed by experience, but is more than capable of navigating the system for each individual's personalized case. In some instances, if someone is not eligible for expungement, they can apply to the Governor for a pardon. This will enable it to be expunged by the court. And in this case, anyone can apply for a pardon, wherein, they can submit one pardon for an entire criminal record if there is more than one conviction.

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