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Cowan Investigations Continues to Provide Investigation Services for Competitive Prices in New Jersey

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Updated 10:16 AM CDT, Thu, October 31,2019

Jersey City, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2019 -- When clients are deciding whether they should choose one private investigation agency over another, it is important for them to know the average costs for PI services in the region. Since private investigators are private citizens performing specialized investigations for other private citizens, clients are usually paying to utilize the knowledge, expertise, and experience of a licensed professional.

PIs frequently offer a long list of services ranging from small jobs like background checks and criminal record searches to larger, more involved investigations such as infidelity surveillance and missing persons locations. At Cowan Investigations, the top private investigators for child custody in Monmouth County, NJ, among many other services, offers investigative services for bargain flat and hourly rates, which are contingent on the specific services required.

In general, New Jersey private investigators charge affordable flat rates for smaller services like cell phone debugging and vehicle registration ID services. For longer investigations, the charges are usually have an hourly rate. The hourly charges for some agencies can far exceed other agency rates, so it is essential to research investigator options before making a choice. Sometimes additional charges may incur as a result of hotel stays, equipment rentals, and other challenges in the field; however, Cowan investigators will notify their clients of additional charges.

One final common practice among most NJ private investigators is the retainer charge. This one-time, up-front payment is used to "hold" the investigator's services. The charges are then deducted from the retainer, and then the remainder is refunded. To learn more about private investigator service costs or to employ professional investigators to perform a cohabitation investigation, criminal record search, or infidelity investigation in Monmouth County, NJ, or anywhere else in New Jersey, call Cowan Investigations today for a free consultation.

About Cowan Investigations
Cowan Investigations of New Jersey specializes in private investigative work, dealing with cases of infidelity, alimony, cohabitation, child custody, and divorce investigation. Bob Cowan, the owner, runs Cowan Investigations and is the former Chief of the Jersey City Police Department, Bob uses his 35 years of experience in all areas of police work to provide investigative research for his clients that exceeds even their highest expectations.

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