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Updated 1:15 PM CDT, Fri, May 25,2018 expands their selection of Florida criminal defense attorney options to help you find affordable and reliable options.

Deerfield Beach, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/25/2018 --, one of the largest Florida business attorney directories online, is adding to their selection of lawyers to include Florida criminal defense attorney options in Fort Lauderdale, Miami and surrounding areas as well as offering free consultations via phone. This year, the directory has already added several categories and will continue to do so as the demand increases for specific specialties. The selections, which are based on location, price, experience and additional options, are completely free to access for visitors to the site.

"You need a Florida civil litigation lawyer, so you go online and search for one. What happens? You see dozens of options that are far too expensive for you. The reason is because they are paying the most for that ad space, meaning they have to charge the most. So, you scroll down a couple of pages and now you are seeing lawyers who don't specialize in what you need assistance with, they are just putting ads everywhere trying to get as much business as possible. It's a frustrating experience and one we want to eliminate by making it easier for you to find the best person for you whether it's for a DUI, medical malpractice, real estate, divorce, cryptocurrency, Florida business attorney or something else." Representative

In order to find a Florida criminal defense attorney or someone who specializes in another area, visitors can go to the site, select the category they want, choose a location and find the right options for them. The visitor will then be able to start narrowing down their selection based on experience, cost and other variables that will influence their decision. The company is also offering free consultations when guests call, in order to help them find the Florida civil litigation lawyer that's best for them.

"When you see your primary doctor, they send you to a specialist based on your needs. Unfortunately, that doesn't really exist in the legal field. People aren't sure what type of lawyer they need and where to find them. We encourage you to call us if you aren't sure what type of legal representation you need. These free consultations have helped hundreds of people to find the best option for them."

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