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Attorney Kari D. Coultis Changes Practice Name and Focus to Fight for Special Needs Children

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Updated 9:17 AM CST, Wed, January 03,2018

Wichita, KS -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/03/2018 -- Attorney Kari D. Coultis announced that Coultis Estate & Elder Law, LLC is now Coultis Estate & Special Needs Law, LLC to reflect a change in focus. The change was made due to the challenges Coultis encountered while protecting the rights of her special needs son, Ethan.

"My passion for protecting the rights of special needs children comes from my own journey, fighting for the rights of my son," said Coultis.

Despite laws that protect the rights of special needs children, ensuring those rights are met isn't as easy or straightforward as parents think. Youngsters are routinely shuttled among schools, expelled and forced to prove their behavior is a result of their disability.

Parents often aren't aware of or understand their child's right to special education and the necessary procedures to ensure special needs due process. Coultis is working to empower parents on those issues on behalf of their children.

Coultis' experience makes her uniquely qualified to educate and defend the rights of youngsters with disabilities. Her experience with the system began when her son was in preschool. Ethan was diagnosed with ADHD in kindergarten and began receiving special education services through a required Individualized Education Program (IEP).

He was later diagnosed with general anxiety disorder and received a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder in third grade. Ethan received 14 school placements in six years. Coultis participated in nearly 20 IEP meetings, successfully defended a Manifestation Determination Review, and was forced to file a formal complaint with the state's Department of Education.

She filed appeals concerning the state's restraint and seclusion laws and participated in a resolution conference. Coultis then endured a nine-day due process hearing encompassing 27 witnesses that resulted in 2,200 pages of transcript.

Her experience is representative of the challenges parents face when navigating the confusing and frustrating labyrinth of rules, regulations and laws that ultimately impacts all aspects of a family's life. Special education and special needs due process is a right to which all children are entitled.

The name change of the practice to Coultis Estate & Special Needs Law, LLC reflects a change in focus and provides parents with a knowledgeable and experienced resource when the rights of their special needs child are in jeopardy. Coultis is working to empower parents and defend the rights of children who can't speak for themselves.

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