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Abell & Capitan Law Sheds Light on Latest Details Surrounding Uber Driver Who Was Denied Long-Term Disability for Depression

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Updated 3:35 PM CDT, Fri, June 29,2018

Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/29/2018 -- At Abell & Capitan Law, they have been following an unfortunate story involving the April 2017 death of 45-year-old nursing assistant and Uber driver, Krysten Laib. New details have emerged that shed some light on why her life was cut short and it appears a denied disability insurance claim may have played a significant role in this tragedy.

In the months leading up to her death, it is evident that Ms. Laib was struggling with severe depression. The increasing severity of this condition led to a slow deterioration of her career and ultimately the decision to take her own life.

Ms. Laib worked at Chestnut Hill Hospital in Philadelphia, PA when she began treatment for depression. In January of 2017, her psychiatrist wrote, "(Ms. Laib) is severely depressed, and simple tasks are difficult." In the following months, she took medical leave from the hospital where she worked. She was eligible to file for long-term disability benefits through a group policy she acquired through her employer. Sadly, her claim was rejected. Despite being advised by Ms. Laib's mental health provider that the severity of her condition prevented her from performing even simple tasks, the insurer cited a lack of sufficient documentation to prove her inability to work.

While Ms. Laib was battling severe depression, she was also forced to fight with her insurance carrier for her long-term disability benefits. After the latest release of details surrounding her mental health, employment struggles, and rejected claim for long-term disability, her story has become a hot topic in the disability insurance industry. It is important to note that there has been no evidence found that can draw a direct link between the disability claim denial and Ms. Laib's death. However, 25 days after her disability claim was rejected, Krysten Laib made the decision to take her own life. Family and friends that were interviewed after her death believe her struggle to obtain these benefits weighed heavy on her.

As the attorneys at Abell & Capitan Law know all too well, disability insurance benefits can be extremely difficult to obtain. Disability claims involving behavioral health conditions can be among the most difficult cases. Long-term disability insurers are quick to dismiss these claims because they involve symptoms for which it is inherently difficult to provide an objective measure. There are no imaging or lab tests that can quantify the severity of these conditions. In this case and many others like it, claimants who genuinely need support from long-term disability insurance are left in tough positions when their claims are denied.

Abell & Capitan Law urges anyone seeking long-term disability benefits to contact them before filing a claim and especially before appealing a claim denial. It is critical to winning benefits and failing to file properly can leave claimants with few options moving forward.

For a free consultation with one of the firm's disability law attorneys, contact Abell & Capitan Law today at 800-689-1056.

Anyone who might be, or know someone who is contemplating suicide, please get help. There is a national suicide prevention hotline that can be called 24/7 at 1-800-273-8255 or visit to learn more. Lastly, follow the link to read the full article originally published at

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