Lawsuit Loans Company, Says Lina Medical Agrees to Settle Power Morcellator Lawsuit

LogoLawsuit loans company, CEO Daniel Costanzo says he will provide $3.7m in lawsuit cash advances for Scott Burkhart or any other victims that have pending or settled cases. Costanzo says he is willing to offer non-recourse loans to victims that have pending cases because he understands the need for money when victims and their families have been litigating with this company for a long time.

Lawsuit Loans Company, Direct Legal Says NFL May Be LIABLE for $1 Billion for Traumatic Brain Injury Cases Associated with Concussions

LogoFederal judge has endorsed an arrangement to determine a huge number of NFL blackout claims that could cost the group $1 billion more than 65 years. The NFL expects 6,000 of about 20,000 resigned players to experience the ill effects of Alzheimer's infection or moderate dementia sometime in the future. The settlement sanction Wednesday by a government judge in Philadelphia would pay them about $190,000 all things considered.

Lawsuit Loans Company, Direct Legal Says 12 Major Banks in USA to Pay $5.3 Trillion Dollar Settlement Before June 2015 to Injured Investors

LogoBank of America Corp (BAC.N) has settled its partition of a U.S. antitrust claim in which financial specialists blamed 12 noteworthy banks for gear costs in the outside trade market.

Lawsuit Loans Company, Direct Legal Announces $327 Million for Victims of Police Brutality & Discrimination Until December 2015

LogoLawsuit Loans leader, Direct Legal has set aside millions of dollars to fund police brutality, discrimination and personal injury claims in 2015. The number of brutality and discrimination cases cited has risen this year according to our analysts.

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