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Free Dog Bite Prevention Kit Offered by Law Firm of Slater & Zurz LLP

LogoThe Ohio law firm of Slater & Zurz LLP announced today that it is offering a free dog bite prevention kit to help people avoid becoming victims of dog attacks.

Akopyan Law Group Now Providing Their Clients with Legal Assistance in Personal Injury

As a leading provider of legal services in Los Angeles, Akopyan Law Group now offers their clients with legal assistance in cases related to Personal Injury. The dedicated team of attorneys working with the firm aims to provide justice to the person who suffered from injuries. In such cases, individuals can receive full compensation under the law by availing the services of professional attorneys of the law firm. The law group covers a wide range of cases related to Personal Injury including Automobile Accident Litigation, Pedestrian Accident Litigation, Truck Accident Litigation, Premises Liability Litigation, and Slip and Fall Litigation.

Akopyan Law Group Now Provides the Services of Employment Law Attorney in San Fernando Valley

Due to fear of losing job, individuals often bear the pain of discrimination and harassment at workplace quietly. So, to empower individuals with their rights, Akopyan Law Group is now providing the services of Employment Law Attorney in San Fernando Valley. In majority of the situations, employees find it difficult to oppose unlawful employment practices due to lack of information about their rights. However, by seeking the services of the law firm, clients are ensured a strong defence against their case that begins with immediate stopping of any kind of illegal conduct at the workplace. The law firm deals with a wide range of cases under employment law services that includes Wrongful Termination Litigation, Constructive Discharge Litigation, Religious Discrimination Litigation, Physical Disability Discrimination Litigation etc.

Vlasac & Shmaruk, LLC Helps Clients Settle Car Accident Injury Claims

LogoCar accidents can overwhelm even the most organized and meticulous person. Between the car damages and personal injury aspects, every victim of a negligent driver has to think about whether it is worth the trouble to pursue remedies through the court system. Every state has different requirements in order to file a lawsuit, and many set a statute of limitations to prevent late filers. This information is pertinent to every claimant –should a victim waste time trying to negotiate a settlement on their own? If the injuries sustained require years of physical therapy, should a petition be filed sooner rather than waiting until all bills have accrued? What is the best way to ensure that the rights of car accident victims and their families are properly upheld? Don't be overwhelmed by these questions, let the attorneys at Vlasac & Shmaruk, LLC help. The firm's partners have over 50 years of experience and can point all potential clients in the right direction.

StorobinLaw Provides Comprehensive Criminal Legal Consultation Services in New York is known to provide one of the best criminal defense legal services in New York, and the fact that the firm is headed by none other than the famous David Storobin, a prominent New York Criminal Lawyer, makes it even more reassuring for the clients of the firm. The firm has handled hundreds and thousands of different types of criminal cases, and the firm has a very aggressive yet practical approach when defending their clients, which helps in getting favorable results.

Storobinlaw Offers Reputed, Experienced and Expert Legal Services in New York and Surrounding Areas is headed by a reputed and experienced New York Criminal Defense Attorney, David Storobin, who apart from being one of the most respected personalities in the field of law, is also a diligent professional and a former NY senator. As a criminal lawyer New York, David Storobin along with his team of law experts have successfully fought hundreds of cases.

Atlanta Attorney Group to Include More Legal Specialists in the Injury Law Field

Atlanta Attorney Group has recently announced its plan of including accident injury law specialists in its existing group. This group of law professionals are reputed for providing complete assistance to clients till their cases are resolved. Unlike many of their competitors dealing with litigators on a formal basis, attorneys here maintain complete professionalism alongside offering the much-needed personal touch. With minor mishaps to serious mistakes becoming a common parlance in workplaces or on roads, fighting such cases requires deft knowledge. By expanding the number of attorneys in their injury department, it is more than expected that unresolved cases will also get their due. Brings a Host of Low-Cost Legal Solutions in Its Mix of Services, a synergistic group of experienced attorneys, recently bought a new option of legal solutions for the residents of Myrtle Beach South Carolina and Horry County citizens in particular. The experienced attorneys have cleared the air about the cost of the legal solutions that they are providing, saying that they are offering consultation upfront to discuss most case types free and unconditional to their present and prospective clients. One of the senior lawyers recently met the press and announced that their services are low-cost and comprehensive in nature. When asked about the comprehensive nature of the services, he commented that from managing paperwork to courtroom representation, their company offers a host of services to their clients.

Bighorn Law Announces Personal Injury Payouts May Be Limited

In an effort to decrease the number of uninsured drivers in Nevada while lowering insurance premiums for those who do have insurance, Republican Assemblyman Pat Hickey has sponsored a bill which would limit the money collected by an injured party following a car crash to property and medical costs. Injured parties would no longer be in a position to collect noneconomic payouts, such as those for pain and suffering. Bighorn Law feels this measure is of concern as everyone is entitled to fair compensation when injured through no fault of their own.

Law Enforcement Testing New Marijuana Breathalyzer

LogoThe number of states that allow recreational or medicinal use of marijuana continues to grow, with many people believing Florida is not far behind.  However, with the increased use of marijuana comes the difficult task of keeping marijuana use under control. One of the major concerns is making sure intoxicated drivers stay off the roadways.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released the results of two studies this year and found that the number of drivers under the influence of drugs has increased by 25 percent.  The study also showed that drivers under the influence of marijuana were 35 percent more likely to crash.

Raven Firm, LC Announces the Launch of a News Section for

Raven Firm, LC is pleased to announce the addition of a News section that gathers breaking articles on the topic of Michigan Lawyers.

Law Firm Raises Awareness for 2015 Love Light & Melody Dia De Luz Festival

The professionals at the Scranton Law Firm have spent over 40 years helping people receive the justice they deserve through the legal process. Today, they are announcing a different type of project, one they hope will improve as many lives as their law firm has helped over the years. The event is known as the Love, Light and Melody Dia de Luz Festival. Scranton Law Firm President and Personal Injury Lawyer, Christian Scranton, is deeply involved with the project and is doing everything possible to increase awareness of this event.

The Law Offices of Bartholomew Baffuto Offers Top Legal Representation for Defense of Drunk Driving Charges in New Jersey

Consistent with their position as the best DWI law office in New Jersey, the Law Offices of Bartholomew Baffuto offers top legal representation for defense of drunk driving charges in New Jersey. Driving under the influence is considered a serious motor vehicle violation in the state and can lead to severe penalties. However, by consulting and retaining the services of this drunk driving defense Law Firm in New Jersey, clients get due process and the best defense available in the state. Clients can count on receiving the best legal representation by this law firm as they strive hard to strongly defend their clients' cases before the court.

Frank L. Gallucci III Elected President of Ohio Association for Justice

LogoFrank L. Gallucci III, one of the top trial lawyers in Ohio and the founding partner of Plevin & Gallucci Company, L.P.A., has been elected President of the Ohio Association for Justice, the state's largest organization of plaintiffs' attorneys. Elected by acclamation at the OAJ Annual Meeting in Columbus, Gallucci is the youngest President in the organization's 61-year history.

New Law Blog, with Informative Information About Laws and Legal Matters

LogoThis website offers simple navigation, resources for both the customers and potential customers where reader can access invaluable insights into the current problems of copyrights and brand.

Konicek Law Launches New Website to Promote Family Law Practice in Orlando Florida

Family law is one of the most emotionally charged aspects of the legal system, and requires a special approach that can combine effectiveness with empathy, where a lawyer is both an advocate for justice and a sympathetic listener who will understand the situation. Emily A. Konicek has mastered this balance and her practice in Orlando, Florida has successfully helped clients in divorce, paternity, domestic violence cases and more. Her practice has just launched a new website to promote their services.

Calvin Whaley Joins Parkman White, LLP

Parkman White, LLP is proud to announce the addition of Calvin Whaley to its Birmingham office. Cal is a graduate of The University of Alabama School of Law and is admitted to practice in all State courts of Alabama and the Federal District Courts for the Northern, Middle and Southern Districts of Alabama. Cal's practice focuses on DUI defense, bankruptcy, and civil litigation.

Gershon, Willoughby, Getz & Smith, LLC Offering Free Legal Consultations for Medical Malpractice

LogoIn the medical industry, practitioners work to lead patients towards recovery and save lives. However, sometimes the health conditions of patients become affected negatively due to medical mistakes. When medical malpractice occurs, the victims can be left with a financial hardship due to costly hospital bills and prescriptions. The first step in gaining compensation for a medical injury is to find out if a case is plausible through a legal consultation with an experienced attorney. Medical malpractice victims who are seeking legal assistance can consult with the attorneys of Gershon, Willoughby, Getz & Smith, LLC concerning their situation. The law firm is pleased to announce that it is currently offering free legal consultations for medical malpractice cases.

The Umansky Law Firm Hosts Mock Trial for Local Middle School

8th graders from Conway Middle school in Orlando, FL were recently given an opportunity for some hands on legal experience, as they held a mock trial in The Umansky Law Firm's Courtroom. Students from the middle school's legal studies program played out every detail and even had a bailiff present to keep order in the courtroom.

Auto Fraud Attorney That Sues Car Dealers for Selling Cars with Frame Damage

Selling a car with frame damage can be very dangerous to the safety of the driver. When a frame is damaged and the car experiences an accident, the car's ability to absorb impact and keep the driver from serious injury is severely compromised. When structural integrity is not maintained, important functions such as air bags may fail to work in a timely fashion and endanger the driver's safety.

Auto Fraud Lawyer Sues Car Dealerships That Rip off Buyers

Purchasing a new vehicle can be a difficult process, especially when you are forced to deal with dishonest car dealerships that attempt to hide the history or the true extent of the damage on the vehicles they sell. For those that do not have the proper auto fraud lawyer by their side could end up taking home a car that is seriously damaged and dangerous, or paying more than the advertised price.

The Accident Team Comments on the Recent Figures Released About Accidents in the Workplace

In recent research by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA), it was highlighted that employees between the ages of 18 and 24 are at least 50% more likely to suffer an injury at work than people 25 and over. They are also more prone to suffering from occupational illnesses.

Survey Reveals Financially Literate to Have a Positive Opinion on UK Immigration, Richard Webster & Co Responds

Hampshire based solicitors, Richard Webster & Co, have recently commented on a survey which reveals that those who are financially literate have a more positive view on immigration, which could be key to the upcoming elections.

Global Immigration Solutions Comment on the Changes Made to Immigration Appeal Rights

From April 6th 2015 the final phase of the changes made to the immigration appeals system under the Immigration Act 2014 has been put into place.

Jury Awards Injured Railroad Worker $1.86M in Lawsuit Against BNSF

LogoRailroad injury lawyer Cynthia Huerta, along with Reed Morgan and David Glenn, recently won a $1.86 million jury verdict on behalf of a BNSF Railway Company employee who suffered serious knee and back injuries in an Oklahoma rail yard.