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How to Stop Foreclosure in California

In California, the mortgage company has the right to start the foreclosure process when home owners cannot keep up with their mortgage payments. It is possible to stop foreclosure sales by hiring a foreclosure attorney in your state. An experienced foreclosure attorney is better equipped to help a homeowner than the lender when it comes to guiding the homeowner on how to stop foreclosure from proceeding.

Foreclosure Lawyers That Stop Foreclosure Sales

There are still many homeowners in the States of California that are facing foreclosure. Whether these homeowners are in the early stage of foreclosure or have already received a notice of default or notice of sale, there is hope for those who want to stop the foreclosure process and save the home. When receiving a notice of default or notice of trustee sale, homeowners have the best chance of saving their home when they contact foreclosure lawyers for assistance to stop the foreclosure process. In most cases, foreclosure attorneys can help homeowners to stop foreclosure and save their property.

Successful Personal Injury Attorney in Tacoma WA Celebrates 26 Years of Practice

Sam Fogerty personal injury attorney Tacoma has recovered millions of dollars for his clients, and can do the same for other clients, their families, and friends. Recently the Law Office of Sam Fogerty celebrated the completion of 26 years of successful provision of services in the Tacoma, Washington. The personal injury attorney looks forward to helping the people of Tacoma with their personal injury cases in the future.

Foreclosure Attorney at Consumer Action Law Group Is Helping Homeowners Stop Foreclosure Sale Date

LogoMany homeowners struggle to keep up with mortgage payments and fall behind because of sudden job loss or illness. In California, there are several options available to stop a foreclosure. Some of the options to avoid foreclosure are listed below:

Car Attorneys That Sue Car Dealers for Fraud and Deceipt

LogoCar dealer fraud is very common among used car sellers. Being a victim of car dealership fraud is a frustrating experience which can also be expensive. The time and resources that car buyers have to spend fixing a defective car is often not worth it. Being aware of car dealer fraud helps car buyers to protect themselves from becoming a victim of dealership scams. Anyone who recently discovered that the used car that they purchased is defective, or the car dealership lied about prior accidents and damage, should immediately call for professional legal advice from an experienced car attorney.

Legal Files Software, Inc. Will Be Attending the NACUA Annual Meeting

LogoLegal Files Software, Inc. provides the highest quality legal case and matter management software for a wide variety of legal professionals, including those in university legal departments, legal departments, government agencies, insurance companies and leading law firms. The Legal Files system is also being successfully used by organization who provide legal services. Today, the legal management software provider is proud to announce its sponsorship of, and attendance at, the National Association of College and University Attorneys (NACUA) annual meeting, beginning June 28 in Washington, DC.

GoJustice Network Obtains Six and Seven-Figure Settlements for Severe Ankle Injuries

LogoSuffering a personal injury can be detrimental to a person's life. The nagging pain and constant trips to the doctor lead to missed work time and piling medical bills. As a reputable personal injury attorney recognized as a Super Lawyer since 2010, Feeda Musitief, founder of Go Justice Network, is announcing he has recently settled ankle injury cases that have awarded his clients with six-figure compensations.

Investor VISA Applications Increase: Global Immigration Solutions Reflects

Recent figures published in The Times regarding immigration and Visas have indicated that the number of wealthy investors, especially from East Asia, attempting to move to Britain, tripled last year. It is recorded that more than 1,500 had sought to relocate in the UK – a surge in applications prior to a change in legislation which required a higher amount for entry by investment.

The European Union Steps Towards Stricter Data Protection Law

On Monday, June 15th, all 28 governments of the European Union agreed to new European data protection laws, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR is the successor to the 1995 Data Protection Directive. The new data protection laws will radically change the way businesses operate in Europe. The new privacy rules may be introduced by the end of this year after justice ministers provisionally approve the long-discussed changes.

Third of UK Workers Fear Health Risks at Work: The Accident Team Comments

A third of UK workers are worried about illnesses they may suffer as a result of their work, according to a Labour Force survey by HSE. 1,755 people were involved in the study, which incorporated a variety of ages and genders. A significant majority expressed that they were worried about health issues such as back and neck injury caused by prolonged periods of time at a desk.

Gershon, Willoughby, Getz & Smith, LLC Announces the Launch of Their New Website

LogoFor many years, the attorneys of Gershon, Willoughby, Getz & Smith, LLC have worked hard to defend the rights of their clients when it comes to medical malpractice. The law firm is pleased to announce that they have launched their new website to reintroduce their online presence, which went live this month. Their new website was redeveloped with a new design and updated with information about their topnotch legal services. Clients can visit the new website of Gershon, Willoughby, Getz & Smith, LLC to learn more about the law firm and their services, as well as gain useful information about medical malpractice cases.

South FL Law Firm to Offer Ch. 7 Bankruptcy Representation at Affordable Prices

The MacSim Firm is a law office based in Florida that aims to help people minimize the confusion and get the right representation for matters concerning various legal issues including Bankruptcy, Evictions, Divorce and Family Law. Serving Palm Beach and Broward Counties, the South Florida law office provides free legal advice and affordable representation for people that are interested in filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. The law firm is now offering Chapter 7 Bankruptcy assistance for as low as $499.00* and payment plans are available from $99.00* down (*Plus court fees and costs. Offer valid 6/23/2015 - 9/23/2015. Some restrictions may apply).

Bicyclists at High Risk for Traffic Fatalities

LogoBicyclists are at an extremely high risk for injury and death following traffic accidents. In 2010, there were 800 bicyclists killed and 515,000 injured in traffic-related accidents in the United States (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). This disturbing trend continued in 2011 with the death of 682 pedalcyclists. Pedalcyclists are any cyclist on a non-motorized pedal vehicle, which include bicycles, tricycles, and unicycles. In 2012, 726 pedalcyclists were killed and 49,000 were injured in traffic accidents (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). According to the NHTSA, pedalcyclist fatalities make up 2 percent of all traffic fatalities each year.

59% of People Have Not Written a Will: The Legal Team Comments

According to a recent survey of 2000 adults, conducted by Macmillan Cancer Support,59% of people in the UK have not written a will, citing reasons such as 'just never got round to it' and being 'too busy'. Professional wills experts, such as The Legal Team - a group of lawyers with extensive experience in the field of wills and probate - have expressed concern regarding the surveys' findings. The Legal Team says:

Bauer Brofsky Law Firm, P.A. Sponsored FAMU Rattlers Football Camp

LogoAccording to David Bauer of The Bauer Brofsky Law Firm P.A, "We were involved in sponsoring a large youth football camp over the course of five days. On the final day, 450 high school kids showed up to Doral Meadows Park in Doral. I was proud to help out as a coach and be a co-sponsors for the camp". Coaches came from all over the country, including such prestigious universities as Nebraska Huskers, Rutgers, Bowling Green and Marshall University. Coaches were there to teach while scouting some football talent in South Florida. It's well-documented that many of the best athletes in the country have hailed from South Florida. Charts the Course of Rising Xarelto Lawsuit Numbers as Pretrial Soon to Begin

Xarelto is a prescription blood thinning drug used for a wide variety of conditions. Perhaps due to its prevalence of use, lawsuits have increased dramatically over the last year. As of December 2015, the Xarelto multidistrict litigation (MDL 2592) cited 33 cases. In May of 2015, indications suggest that this number has reached 434, all consolidated ready to be taken for initial proceedings before a US District Judge, Eldon E. Fallon. With so many lawsuits being raised, other users may be seeking legal help for Xarelto side effects, and The Meldofsky Firm has created a resource center for those searching for a Xarelto lawyer.

Charleston Attorney Group Announces Free Online Chat for Clients

Fred Zimwalt from CAG's technical department, stated that he expects the online feature to improve customer satisfaction and increase the opportunity for new clients to discuss and engage with attorneys on the website. "We hope to make it easier for new clients to reach out to us and discover it we have legal solutions that might be suitable for them. Without the pressure associated with traditional attorney-client relationships", he reported.

Foreclosure Attorneys That Successfully Defend Foreclosure

For those facing foreclosure in California there are very strong laws in place to help protect borrowers against illegal lender practices. Although many home owners believe that their lenders will help them avoid the loss of their home, illegal foreclosures often happen while lenders are telling borrowers that they are trying to help. In California, the foreclosure process cannot start until a lender contacts a home owner after they fall behind on their mortgage payments. Commonly, many homeowners get a notice of foreclosure in a time of extreme difficulty; after a job loss or after an accident. Many people facing foreclosure feel confused about what to do. Of course, most people don't want to lose their home.

Bankruptcy Attorneys Stop Foreclosure

Bankruptcy allows individuals to resolve their financial difficulties and rebuild their credit. In many cases, people file bankruptcy when they are facing foreclosure. Foreclosure happens when the lender or the mortgage company exercises their right to take back the property because the borrower has missed more than 3 monthly payments and fallen into default.

Foreclosure Attorney That Stop Trustee Sale

Facing a foreclosure is frightening. It can cause panic for those who don't know where to turn to for help. Complicated legal jargon only makes the process worse. Fortunately, hiring a strong foreclosure attorney to stop a trustee sale is an option available to homeowners in California. Lenders will often tell borrowers not to hire a foreclosure lawyer when they call discuss foreclosure assistance, however, there are particular situations that make doing so even more urgent.

Oklahoma Injury Lawyer, Bryce Johnson, Settles Large Case for Iraq War Veteran

LogoBryce Johnson, a well-known and respected personal injury lawyer in the Oklahoma City area, recently won a huge settlement of $975,000 for his Iraq war veteran client. The war veteran was involved in an automobile accident involving a semi-truck driver who fell asleep at the wheel and crossed over the concrete median barrier on the freeway, causing numerous vehicles to crash into each other. Johnson's client, who was one of the victims in this tragic accident, suffered a traumatic brain injury as well as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a direct result.

75% of the World in Insecure Employment

The UN agency, the International Labour Organization (ILO), has recently released a report suggesting that up to 75% of workers in the world are not in stable employment. It also goes further to suggest that this widespread insecurity could be hurting the global economy. The report looked at 180 countries and purported to cover 84% of the world's pool of labour. Despite the rhetoric of a growing economy some figures also estimate that 201 million people are currently unemployed, a number which is 30 million higher than 2008 when the world went into recession.

Raven Firm, LC Featured Lawyer Whitney Traylor Case Affirmed by the Colorado Supreme Court Case

Whitney Traylor, Featured Lawyer for the website in 2010 won a verdict for his clients Patrick Singson and Chris Boyer. After appeals from both sides, the case was affirmed by the Colorado Supreme Court on January 2015.

The Law Offices of Bartholomew Baffuto Defends Non-US Citizens Charged with Crimes in New Jersey

When non-US citizens (green card, visa holders, or illegal) are arrested, defending such clients requires special attention. Criminal conviction can result in adverse consequences for one's immigration status. One can be deported, denied renewal of a green card or visa, or denied to re-entry to the U.S.

Avrek Law Firm Wins $1.25 Million Settlement on Behalf of Police Brutality Victim Jaime Duran

Jaime Duran is a Bakersfield man allegedly beaten by deputies of the Kern County Sheriff's Department, and filed a law suit against them. Criminal charges were never filed against the deputies, but Jaime Duran asked the civil courts to rule their actions unconstitutional. Avrek Law Firm police brutality lawyer Maryam Parman represented Duran, and sought $1.25 million in damages after he suffered two broken legs.