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School Zone Traffic Safety Important in Decreasing Accidents and Fatalities

LogoEvery year, school zones and bus stops pose a significant safety threat for school children. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motor vehicles kill 500 students between the ages of 5-18 each year in school zones. There is also an estimated 21,000 students injured each year traveling to or from school. Seventy-seven percent of these victims were pedestrians struck by a school bus or another vehicle (NHTSA).

Long Beach Divorce Attorney Prepares for Spike in Divorces After Ashley Madison Leak

Making worldwide headlines this week, hackers have managed to break into the encrypted files of the Ashley Madison website and publish user information online. The information was dumped in the deep web, and includes names, email addresses and credit card numbers of registered members of the website. Several noteworthy celebrities have been outed in the leak, but millions more face divorce as a result of their actions. Long Beach Divorce Lawyer Damian M. Nolan provides divorce services, and is expecting a new record in divorce rates in the coming months.

Atlanta Law Firm Provides Strategic Representation Related to Worker's Compensation Cases

When an individual loses their ability to work or perform functions they have become accustomed to throughout the years due to a workplace injury, it creates a crisis within their lives that is not easily remedied. It takes a strong attorney to find solutions to crises caused from workplace injuries, in order to discern where liability for the injuries lies as well as to determine proper compensation for the individual in question. Right now, Darwin F. Johnson provides strategic representation related to worker's compensation cases all throughout Atlanta, GA, and many of the surrounding areas.

London Landlords Could Face Penalties for Leaving Flats Empty

The London Borough of Islington has recently announced that it will be applying penalties for landlords who cannot prove that their property is lived in for a minimum of 14 days out of a three month period. The measure comes after the increased concern about property prices and rental rates in the London area which have reached what some claim are extortionate levels, attracting widespread criticism. Many blame overseas landlords, or even domestic landlords, who purchase properties for investment purposes and fail to provide a rental service for the public in the area.

Bradley J. Prochaska Honored by the AAJ with the Dan Cullen Award

LogoOn July 12, 2015, Bradley J. Prochaska was presented with the American Association for Justice (AAJ) Dan Cullen Memorial Award by the Birth Trauma Litigation Group. Prochaska was selected as the 2015 AAJ Dan Cullen Award recipient due to his outstanding professional commitment and advocacy in helping injured children.

Attorney Anne Wedge-McMillen Gets Assault Charges Dropped for Client in Orlando, FL

Attorney Anne Wedge-McMillen, of The Umansky Law Firm, was able to help an innocent man have the charges against him dropped in a aggravated assault with a firearm case (Cite: 2015-CF-001108; Orange County Criminal Court). Court records show that the State dismissed all charges after key errors made by both the crime scene investigator and lead detective handling the case.

Prominent South Florida Attorney Launches

LogoAmid renewed political and economic ties between the United States and Cuba, accomplished South Florida attorney Alfonso J. Perez, Esq. P.A. has launched – a website dedicated to facilitating business ties between residents of the two nations via crucial legal services.

Medical Mistakes Cost NHS Billions Per Year

A recent report by a prominent British newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, suggests that clinical negligence is becoming an increasing concern for the NHS. Whilst the financial costs are high, the human cost is even more significant for those who have found themselves the victim of negligent medical care. The report seeks to stress the importance of stringent health and safety measures in medical practice to ensure patients are protected at all times. Furthermore, it suggests that patients should be entitled to increased compensation where the damage is long-term or irreversible.

Cost of Divorce to Rise by a Third: The Legal Team Comments

The cost of a court hearing for divorce has risen by £140 to £550, as outlined by The Ministry of Justice and highlighted in a recent BBC report. Husbands and wives who wish to terminate their marriage will now find themselves facing an increased cost to end their relationship if they wish to do so through the legal system. The news follows hikes in court fees in other areas including immigration and property proceedings. The increase in divorce fees in particular has caused discontent, due to the fact that many believe divorce is expensive enough already.

Criminal Law Office of Chad Piotrowski Announces New Office Location in Miami

As part of the ongoing effort to improve the criminal defense services offered to clients, Chad Piotrowski, a Miami criminal defense attorney, is pleased to announce that he has moved to a new office, located in the New World Tower, 100 N. Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 2301, Miami, Florida 33132.

Pinder Reaux Provides Internet Lawyers to Deal Effectively with Legal Complexities

LogoDuring difficult situations like corporate fraud, internet defamation, and cyber litigation cases, business owners require the assistance of professional legal advice. Pinder Reaux provides trusted lawyers who will take care of these issues. In order to provide bespoke legal solutions pertaining to media and internet businesses, Pinder Reaux provide a pool of experienced Internet lawyers. They specialize in protecting their clients' intellectual property while resolving their business related legal issues. This law firm has served various renowned clients throughout the media and internet industries.

Obtain Bankruptcy Records Within 24 Hours Through App

LogoA new app from St. Louis-based Bankruptcy Sleuth allows users to obtain bankruptcy records quickly for $14.95.

Darwin F. Johnson Provides Strategic Legal Representation for Citizens in and Throughout Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia, is a warm city where construction continues year round, while many crews may take a break further up north during colder seasons. For this reason, workers find themselves at risk of injury year round. That constant risk to the well-being of workers is why the Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson provide strategic, aggressive legal representation in and throughout Atlanta, Georgia. When a worker has been injured, it's important that they seek legal representation like that available from Darwin F. Johnson as soon as possible.

Judge Larry David Willis Accused of Judicial Misconduct in Child Support Cases

LogoJudge Larry D. Willis, one of three presiding judges assigned to the Chesapeake Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Courts, is being accused of judicial misconduct based on his rulings in several child support cases. A group of concerned fathers is calling for an investigation into the cases brought before the judge to assess the lawfulness of his rulings. They are also encouraging other fathers to speak out.

Morgan and Morgan Investigating "Deceptive Trade Practices" by U.S. Money Reserve, Inc.; Fidelity Gold & Bullion, LLC

LogoMorgan and Morgan attorneys are currently speaking with consumers who have made purchases from the commemorative coin companies, U.S. Money Reserve and Fidelity Gold & Bullion. Based on the results of this investigation, the exclusively-plaintiff law firm may join a currently pending class action lawsuit against defendant companies.

1 in 5 Taking Hay Fever Medication Involved in Accidents Due to Drowsiness

A new report released by Kwik-Fit Insurance has revealed that more than one in five drivers taking hay fever medication (out of 2002 interviewed) had been involved in an accident, due to the side effects of the drug. A further 16 per cent said they had experienced side effects, but had not had an accident. Up to half of the people surveyed, said that hay fever medication made them drowsy, with some even stating that it had led to blurred vision or 'impaired thinking'.

Jonathan W. McConnell Honored as Paul Harris Fellow by the Rotary Foundation

LogoJonathan W. McConnell was recently introduced as the newest Paul Harris Fellow of the Rotary Foundation by his father Dr. Bill McConnell. Jon is a criminal defense attorney in Wichita, Kansas who represents clients across the entire state. McConnell specializes in civil litigation, traffic law, criminal defense, white collar crime, and DUI defense. Paul Harris Fellow membership honors individuals for their generosity and support of the Rotary's humanitarian goals.

Alexander Begum Nominated and Accepted as One of AIOPIA'S 10 Best Law Firms 2015 for Client Satisfaction

Lawyers exist to serve people in their pursuit of justice, and as such, their livelihoods depend on their customers and their reputation for client satisfaction. Indeed, many potential clients will make their decisions informed by how satisfied previous clients have been with the services provided. Fortunately for the people of Brownsville, Texas, The American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys has recognized the exceptional performance of Texas Personal Injury Law Firm The Begum Law Group as one of 2015's 10 Best Personal Injury Law Firms for Client Satisfaction.

Charleston Attorney Group Offers Free Attorney Consultation to Compensation Claimants

A fair compensation is the least that a wrongfully hurt person can be given to facilitate a return to normal life. Often claimants are unable to produce before the court the necessary evidences and records to secure proper compensation. Resolute in securing due compensation for their clients, Charleston Attorney Group provides specialized services in business, real estate, DUI defense, personal injury and family laws. The law firm has advocated for its capacity to deliver positive results in ensuring adequate compensation to individuals that have been wrongfully hurt in an injury or accident. The firm has claims intensely that their attorneys are capable of handling legal matters that pertain to the interests of their clients both outside and inside the court.

Animated Kids Dog Bite Prevention Video Released by Ohio Law Firm Slater & Zurz LLP

LogoThe Ohio law firm of Slater & Zurz LLP announced today that it has produced and released an animated dog bite prevention video to help kids learn how to avoid becoming victims of dog attacks.

The Practice Rx by Relationship Expert Dino Watt Goes #1 on Amazon latest book The Practice Rx: The Cure For Inner-Office: Drama, Politics, Low Morale and the Overworked, Burnt Out, Under-appreciated Owner, & Other Office Ailments by Award winning mentor, author, trainer, speaker and body language expert Dino Watt is an Amazon #1 International Best-seller. Dino Watt's, new book, The Practice Rx: The Cure For Inner-Office: Drama, Politics, Low Morale and the Overworked, Burnt Out, Under-appreciated Owner, & Other Office Ailments was written for doctors, dentists, orthodontists, chiropractors, attorneys, or any other professional who is working hard at building a business practice of their own, then you are what Dino calls a pro-preneur. Within these pages discover that The Practice Rx is the "secret " for turning any practice into a thriving, fulfilling, and wildly profitable business by focusing on relationships first.

Houston Attorney Matthew Shaffer Named to 2016 Best Lawyers in America List

LogoWe are proud to announce that Matthew Shaffer, partner of Schechter, McElwee, Shaffer & Harris, was recently selected for inclusion in the 22nd Edition of The Best Lawyers in America. Shaffer was chosen for the practice area of Admiralty and Maritime Law.

The Foxx Firm Attorneys Named Top Lawyer 2015 by Pasadena Magazine

Pasadena Magazine has announced its list of Top Attorneys for 2015 and named all three criminal defense and entertainment attorneys from The Foxx Firm located in Pasadena, California as Top Attorney. Attorneys Freddy Sayegh, David Ktshozyan, and Andrew Bodkin were all awarded the prestigious award. Pasadena Magazine's editor Heidi Wood-Brown stated, "The Foxx Firm as a whole has had outstanding results in the court room this year and their track record spoke for itself."

The Law Offices of Rovner, Allen, Rovner, Zimmerman & Nash Taking New Clients in Need of an Accident Lawyer in Camden, NJ

LogoAt the Law Offices of Rovner, Allen, Rovner, Zimmerman & Nash, they recognize the hardships that people face when they are a victim of a motor vehicle or premises liability accident in Camden. For this reason and more, the law firm is eager to announce that they are taking new clients in need of an accident lawyer in Camden, NJ, immediately.

Divorce Lawyer in Maryland Relishes Working with Individuals of All Backgrounds & Unique Circumstances

LogoThe Law Offices of Brandon Bernstein, LLC, steadfastly fights on the behalf of each and every one of its clients, while welcoming individuals of all backgrounds, each person with his or her own unique needs and circumstances. This includes two areas of divorce which have either already begun to rapidly increase, or will be shortly, that of gray divorce and same sex divorce.