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Houston Auto Accident Attorneys' Website Offers Information, Assistance for Crash Victims

LogoIn a continuing effort to better serve victims of personal injuries, the Houston car accident attorneys at Schechter, McElwee, Shaffer & Harris have recently updated their website to provide more information and an improved user experience to the public.

Alpha Natural Resources, Inc. Seeks Bankruptcy Protection

Alpha Natural Resources, Inc. filed for protection under chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code as the coal provider struggled to reorganize its debt. Alpha Natural Resources' bankruptcy petition indicated that it has 5,001 to 10,000 creditors, assets estimated at over $1 billion and liabilities estimated at over $1 billion. 

All Day All Night Bail Bonding Welcomes Beth Chapman as New Senior Vice-President of PBUS

At the July 2015 meeting of the Professional Bail Agents of the United States (PBUS), Beth Chapman was installed as the organization's senior vice president. PBUS also experienced its lowest turnout in some years. Of an expected 135 attendees, only 85 professionals attended the event, a circumstance that surprised member Jason Armstrong, vice-president and co-owner of All Day All Night Bail Bonding.

The Law Offices of Rovner, Allen, Rovner, Zimmerman & Nash Taking Motor Vehicle Accident Cases This August

LogoJust like every other busy town, city or county in Pennsylvania, Bucks County has seen its fair share of motor vehicle accidents this summer. For this reason, the Law Offices of Rovner, Allen, Rovner, Zimmerman & Nash are taking motor vehicle accident cases this August. With the aid of one of the firm's Buck County accident lawyers, individuals who have recently been the victim of another's careless driving will acquire compensation that is justly and rightly deserved.

Tougher Penalties for DWI with Child in Car

LogoEach state legislature is responsible for setting their own laws regarding the penalties for drinking and driving. While most states are in agreement over the basics—like the fact that the blood alcohol content (BAC) level for operating a motor vehicle is capped at .08 percent (anything at this limit or above is illegal)—there are some big differences in regards to other things. In Asheville, North Carolina, for example, anti-drunk driving activists, fueled by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) are hoping to change the law to make driving while impaired with a child in the vehicle a felony offense.

Why Was Sandra Bland Put in Jail? Trooper Under Investigation

LogoIn mid-July 2015, Sandra Bland, a 28-year-old black woman, was found dead in her jail cell. Ms. Bland, who had been admitted to the Texas county jail three days prior, had hanged herself. While the death has been ruled a suicide (although her family adamantly denies this), interrogations are being opened into why Sandra Bland was jailed in the first place, as well as why she wasn't under better watch despite telling jail personnel that she was suicidal.

Tim Jennings Pleads Guilty to Reckless Driving

In January of 2015, famous Bears' cornerback Tim Jennings was pulled over in the state of Georgia. At the time, Jennings was said to be traveling a whopping 99 miles per hour in a 65 mile per hour speed zone. Upon being arrested, Jennings was charged with speeding, reckless driving, and driving under the influence, or DUI (known as a DWI – driving while impaired – in Texas).

East Coast Investigations, Inc. Expands Their Services in the Richmond, Virginia Area Strengthening Their Statewide Coverage

The ability to deceive and keep secrets is something almost uniquely human, and is the cause of a great deal of controversy on the personal and global scales alike. However as damaging as these abilities can be, they cannot always be investigated by the police, and may come with more moral than legal consequences. For these instances, private investigators provide an indispensible service for individuals, businesses and in some cases, even victims of crime. Virginia Private Investigator agency East Coast Investigations, Inc. has just increased their roster of private detectives, enabling them to expand their services statewide throughout Virginia.

Non-Disclosure of Medical Errors by Physicians Leads to Non-Transparency in Medical Malpractice Claims

LogoThere are over 1.5 million victims of medical malpractice each year in the United States, which results in almost 100,000 otherwise preventable deaths (Institute of Medicine). Despite the mandated ethical responsibility of physicians, medical errors that negatively affect patients are not being disclosed. This has resulted in a lack of transparency in medical malpractice cases, where physicians are more concerned with protecting themselves rather than the health and safety of victims.

'Antin Ehrlich & Epstein' Helps in Getting Amount of $13.1375 Million to Survivor Who Fell from Roof of Building

The lawyers of 'Antin Ehrlich & Epstein' have helped the survivor to get a claim of $13.1375 Million from the owner of the building. The worker fell from the 47th floor of the building due to the negligence in safety.

Cherry Injury Law Advises Individuals to Be Conscious of Their Rights Related to Personal Injury

When a worker agrees to work for an employer, that employer is then tasked with the well-being and safety of that worker. Every year, individuals who put their faith in an employer are then injured on the job and have their lives altered, sometimes permanently. Other times, individuals who put their trust in a property owner, or count on other drivers on the road to focus, are injured, sometimes changing their lives forever. Right now, Cherry Injury Law, a Pennsylvania-based law firm, is advising workers and other individuals to be conscious of their rights related to unjust personal injuries.

Tip Sheet: Alternatives to Resolving Corporate Disputes and Preventing Litigation

LogoIn 2015, many corporations seeking legal help are forgoing the lengthy and expensive process of going to trial to opt for alternative dispute resolution (ADR). There are options in Coachella Valley that can benefit parties who need to settle disagreements while maintaining good business relationships. Often, it is important to avoid the antagonistic nature of a trial, and arbitration and mediation can preserve business ties while keeping settlement details out of public court files. Nationwide, these programs are being recommended by legislatures and courts.

Rosen, Moss, Snyder, Bleefeld, LLP Providing Free Consultations for Disability Insurance Claims

LogoWhen an accident or tragedy occurs that leaves individuals unable to work and earn a living, disability insurance is used to protect future earnings. If disability compensation has been denied and individuals require the assistance of dedicated attorneys to help them get the benefits they deserve, Rosen, Moss, Snyder, Bleefeld, LLP is proud to announce they are providing free consultation for disability insurance claims.

Get Trusted Lawyer Services for Divorce Settlements from Pinder Reaux

LogoTrouble in married life is normal, but concerns arise when issues are beyond managing. Divorce, itself, being a heavy emotional situation, needs to be handled professionally. Hence, for dealing with cases related to separation, it is imperative to hire a reputable divorce lawyer. Individuals seeking legal assistance for divorce settlements can avail trusted lawyer services from Pinder Reaux. Focus and control being keys to their successful divorce settlement, the firm provides a tailor-made strategy that helps their client stay one step ahead in the situation. Instead of tackling the matter in a traditional way which includes legal procedures, adhering to a timetable and routine correspondence, the company's attorneys work different angles and strategies.

Judge Consolidates 26 Ethicon Vaginal Mesh Lawsuits Into One November Trial

LogoThe federal judge managing the vaginal mesh lawsuits in the U.S. District Court, Southern District of West Virginia, has scheduled a consolidated trial for 26 Ethicon vaginal mesh lawsuits that name Johnson & Johnson's Ethicon Inc. unit as defendant. Southern Med Law represents women in product liability lawsuits across the country and reports that U.S. District Judge Joseph Goodwin said the bladder mesh lawsuits selected were filed by 26 women from West Virginia who all had Ethicon's Gynecare TVT mesh implanted to treat stress urinary incontinence. The Gynecare complaints allege that the women suffered such injuries as mesh erosion, infection, scar tissue, organ perforation, chronic nerve damage, pain and urinary problems. Judge Goodwin said the cases had common issues of law and fact. The jury trial, scheduled for November 2, will focus only on the plaintiffs' identical claims of design defects with the TVT mesh, according to the order. (In Re: Ethicon, Inc., Pelvic Repair System Products Liability Litigation, MDL No. 2327)

Morcellator Cancer Lawsuits Allege Two Pennsylvania Women Developed Cancer Due to Robotic Hysterectomy

LogoMorcellator cancer lawsuits contend laparoscopic power morcellators have the potential of spreading uterine cancer when used during a hysterectomy or myomectomy (removal of uterine fibroids) and hysterectomy cancer lawsuits continue to filed on behalf of women who have developed uterine cancer due to the morcellation device.

Coming Soon: A New Woodstock Personal Injury Law Firm Brings Justice

Getting hurt is often seen as just a part of life. Even children are encouraged to endure their scrapes and bruises. However, there is a difference between simple cuts and scratches and serious injury caused by negligence on someone else's part. With the large amount of industry that calls Woodstock home, there are many situations where residents may find themselves getting hurt. Workplace injuries can and do happen in spite of the Ontario WSIB's best efforts. If an injury occurs at work, it's possible that the company may be civilly liable. When worker's compensation is being withheld or individuals are facing sanction for their injury, a personal injury suit is the best recourse.

Windsor's New Personal Injury Law Firm Coming Soon

A brand new law firm will be opening its doors to the Windsor community. The new firm will specialize in personal injury and will have a variety of practice areas. Accident victims who have interest in their services will be able to read about the firm online when their upcoming website is fully launched, and contact details will be available online for those who want to schedule a meeting in person.

Best New Personal Injury Law Firm in Welland

The sudden death of a close loved one or family member due to an accident can be shocking and traumatic. In the trying time that follows, it can be difficult for individuals to cope with the facts of their loved one's death. When another party is at fault in a death, it may not always qualify for criminal penalties. In those situations, the best recourse is a civil wrongful death suit. In the near future, Welland residents will have new access to legal services in the civil arena. A leading personal injury lawyer Welland firm will be opening offices in the city soon.

New Site Launched: Waterloo's Absolute Best Personal Injury Law Firm

The city of Waterloo is home to more than just a vibrant culture and a thriving economy. It also has one of the best infrastructures for bicyclists in the region. With many paths all over the city, biking around Waterloo from neighborhood to neighborhood is easy to do. However, biking does carry with it a risk. Accidents can and do happen in the city, and injuries can often result from accidents involving bicyclists. At times, those injuries can be very severe, especially if an automobile is involved. If someone else's negligence causes a bike accident and injury, the injured party will now have a new option for seeking justice.

Vaughan Welcomes New Personal Injury Law Firm

A new personal injury law firm is coming soon to the city of Vaughan. Car accidents, work-related injuries, and other accidents are a regular occurrence everywhere, but especially in cities. Accident victims in Vaughan will now have another option to choose from as they seek out legal representation for their personal injury claims. The new law firm will specialize in a variety of practice areas and offer payment options for those who are unable to afford up-front legal fees. They also plan to launch a new website soon that will provide Vaughan citizens with quick access to detailed information about the firm's services, pricing policies, missions, and contact information.

The Foreclosure Lawyers at Consumer Action Law Group Advise Consumers How to Stop Foreclosure Immediately

In times of economic strife, families often struggle to keep up with all of their financial requirements. In California, which was hit particularly hard by the great recession in 2008, many families have found themselves in dire circumstances. The choice between paying the mortgage and making sure that the children have enough to eat is a hard one, and the constant layoffs have not made it easier for families to meet their obligations. For those who have found themselves struggling under the weight of a mortgage they can no longer afford, when the bank has sent a notice of default, there is no need to despair – homeowners can stop foreclosure sales and save their home.

Jimmy Kimmel Launches $25 Million Lawsuit

Multimillionaire celebrity Jimmy Kimmel has filed a massive US $25 million deformation lawsuit in the Superior Court of Justice Ontario under File No. CV 15 532702 against controversial author of extreme sexual seduction guide David Justice, as well as his latest best selling satirical book Seducer: The Serious Player's Handbook. Also named in Kimmel's action are the publisher of Seducer, and the foreword writer bollywood hot-throb Abhishek Bachchan. See the attached copy of lawsuit below obtained from The Superior Court of Justice.

Essure Lawsuit News: FDA Opens Meeting for Public Comments on Essure Birth Control Side-Effects

LogoThe U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is inviting interested members of the public to present data, information or oral or written views on Essure permanent birth control device at the FDA's meeting on September 24th. Southern Med Law notes that after Essure lawsuit filings and complaints surrounding Essure, the FDA has called for a meeting of its Obstetrics and Gynecology Devices Panel to seek expert scientific and clinical opinion on the Essure birth control implant after numerous reports of Essure side-effects including perforation of the uterus, pelvic pain, ectopic pregnancy, and even fetal and adult deaths. The FDA has opened a docket so that anyone interested in speaking at the meeting can submit electronic or written comments prior to the event.

Coming Soon: Toronto's Newest Personal Injury Law Firm

Very soon, Toronto will welcome its newest personal injury law firm. This new law firm has a legal team that specializes in several different practice areas in order to serve a variety of Toronto personal injury cases. They are able to offer legal counsel and services for cases involving animal attacks, slip and fall accidents, car accidents, bicycle accidents, wrongful death, and work-related injuries. For an in-depth review of their legal services, as well as contact information, the firm will also be launching a website for Toronto citizens to browse.