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The Law Offices of Jason C. Pollack, P.C. Informs Readers About the Differences Between DWI and DUI Charges

As a DWI defense attorney serving Camden County, NJ, and the surrounding area, The Law Offices of Jason C. Pollack, P.C. understands that there may be some confusion when it comes to the various intoxicated driving charges. DUI means "driving under the influence," and DWI stands for "driving while intoxicated." In some instances, DWI is an acronym for "driving while impaired." Depending on the state, these terms can have different meanings, or they can refer to the same offense.

Carosella & Associates Law Firm Was Voted One of Two BEST LAW FIRMS in Chester County Daily Local – Readers' Choice

LogoCarosella & Associates, P.C. is proud to announce that they were voted one of two best law firms in the Chester County Daily Local Reader's Choice Awards. For more than 23 years, Carosella & Associates have served clients in Chester County, Delaware County and beyond. Their law firm provides large firm legal services with the small-firm responsiveness that the clients need and deserve. The attorneys at Carosella & Associates have broad range of expertise in different areas of the law and take an integrated team approach to find creative solutions no matter what type of legal issue a client may be facing.

Making the Decision to Get a Prenuptial Agreement

LogoMiami, FL – Prenuptial agreements remain something of a sensitive topic as couples must entertain the idea that a divorce is a real possibility. Although divorce is common, a prenuptial agreement may help strengthen the bond between spouses.

Federal Judges Behaving Badly (Part 1)

LogoCourt Records Indicate Federal Judges and Prosecutors Conspired to Unconstitutionally Convict and Imprison Defendants

Choosing a Guardian for a Child

LogoMiami, FL – A bright future is something every parent wants for their child. This may involve having to make the tough decision of designating a guardian. There are ways to make the process a little easier.

Be Aware of Flooding Risks Before Buying a Home

LogoMiami, FL – When buying a home, it is important to have full disclosure regarding potential issues the property may have. Hence, a home inspection is a highly recommended suggestion before proceeding further with a home purchase. However, what happens when a new homeowner finds out the home is a major flood risk after it’s bought?

A Low BAC May Still Result in a Florida Arrest

LogoMiami, FL – When a person receives a DUI conviction, people may think it means that the offender’s blood alcohol content (BAC) was at least 0.08 percent or more. Is it still possible to be charged, however, if the driver’s BAC remains below the legal limit? Let's go into this issue a little deeper.

Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, P.C. Fight to Get Justice for Motorcycle Accident Victims

Some of the most tragic cases represented by Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, P.C.'s wrongful death lawyers of Philadelphia are motorcycle accidents where victims have suffered fatal injuries as a result. Motorcyclists are inherently at a bigger risk of sustaining severe trauma because their motorcycles do not offer the same protection as other vehicles. To prevent serious injuries from occurring in the first place, riders are encouraged to wear protective gear and be cognizant of road surroundings at all times. Individuals who are involved in motorcycle accidents should call Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, P.C. for a free consultation to discuss their legal standing.

End of Daylight Saving Time Could Mean Additional Maryland Accidents

LogoWhile gaining an extra hour by turning back the clocks can be welcome, it can also result in more accidents. According to a recent article in The Southern Maryland Chronicle, darker drives home could lead to more collisions. Indeed, the Mid-Atlantic AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety insists that all roadway users could be at greater risk of injury. 

Two Dead, One Injured in Fatal Truck Accident on Interstate 30 in Arkansas

LogoLittle Rock, AR NBC news affiliate reported that the operator of an 18-wheeler truck crossed the dividing lines while driving eastbound along Interstate 30. The maneuver caused the semi to collide into a police car and a disabled vehicle that the officer had stopped to assist. The driver and passenger in the disabled passenger car were killed, while the police officer also suffered injuries.

Philadelphia Bankruptcy Lawyers Cibik & Cataldo Open Up Availability for New Clients

LogoCibik and Cataldo, P.C., are experienced bankruptcy attorneys in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They strive to provide high-quality, affordable law services to clients. That client base is now expanding, as the practice recently announced their availability to help new clients this season.

Oklahoma Supreme Court Holds Evidence of Bad Faith Required in "Intentional Interference" Cases

LogoOn October 22, 2019, the Oklahoma Supreme Court issued its opinion in Loven v. Church Mutual Insurance Company.

Carosella & Associates Offer Initial-Complimentary, 30 Minute Confidential in-Office Consultation.

LogoThe team at Carosella & Associates understands that finding legal representation that is the right fit for you is critical no matter what type of legal issues you may be facing. That is why they offer a free, 30-minute initial consultation. The full service law firm employs a team of attorneys who focus on different areas of the law, but work collaboratively to develop creative, practical solutions for all their clients. Whether you need assistance with legal issues surrounding your business, real estate, bankruptcy, immigration, estate planning, family law, or criminal matters, they are here to provide responsive, top-notch legal representation that is tailored to meet your individual needs. They offer all the benefits you would expect from a large law firm, but provide the personalized attention and responsive small firm service you need and deserve.  

The Wills & Trusts Lawyers of Carosella & Associates Provide Estate Planning Services

LogoAt Carosella & Associates, our wills and trusts lawyers provide comprehensive estate planning services that help clients plan for the future, protect their assets and ensure that their wishes are carried out after their passing. Wills and trusts are vital estate planning tools that can save families the hassle of having to go through probate, which can be a long, drawn-out process. A will also serves the important purpose of naming a guardian for minor children. Our wills and trusts attorneys also create important documents that should be in place in the event of a client's incapacitation, including: health care powers of attorney, durable financial powers of attorney, mental health care powers of attorney, and living wills (advance health care directives).

Proposed Hours of Service May Affect Truck Accidents in Oklahoma

Logoince regulations requiring rest for commercial truck drivers were originally established by the since-defunct Interstate Commerce Commission in 1938, there have been countless changes to the rules. When proposed changes to "Hours of Service" regulations were recently announced by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), activists on both sides of the issue have been very vocal in their assertions regarding enactment.

More Than 100 Car Accidents Occur as Minnesota Drivers Face Icy Roads

LogoAs winter approaches, drivers in Minnesota should understand the risks of driving in inclement weather.

New York Appeals Court Affirms Sole Custody Ruling on the Ground That Parents Cannot Effectively Communicate

LogoThus granting a father sole legal custody and sole physical custody of the divorced couple's child. In the Matter of Keller v. Keller, the New York appeals court determined that the bad relationship between the parents made joint custody a practicable impossibility.

Tadross Law Helps Clients Avoid Foreclosure & Remain in Their Homes with Legal Counsel

One of the things homeowners prioritize above almost everything else is ensuring that they can keep their homes. Unfortunately, if financial problems strike and mortgage payments are not made, borrowers run the risk of losing their homes to the banks and getting forced out through the process of foreclosure. Foreclosure is a solution banks have to recover outstanding debt from defaulting borrowers by taking ownership of the property and auctioning it off. Fortunately, there are ways for borrowers to take action to prevent foreclosure, and it starts with Tadross Law.

The Law Offices of Jason C. Pollack, P.C. Provides Legal Counsel Regarding the New Jersey Traffic Point System

Since 2002, The Law Offices of Jason C. Pollack, P.C., a top criminal defense law firm in Gloucester County, NJ, continues to help countless clients get the justice they deserve in criminal and DWI cases throughout the state. Many drivers are subject to fines, license suspensions, and points added to their driving records. Unfortunately, most drivers in New Jersey do not fully understand the law or the point system that is integral to determining punishments for drivers who break the law.

Silver & Silver Helps Motorists Injured in Rear-End Collisions Pursue the Compensation They Deserve

Silver & Silver, a team of personal injury lawyers serving Philadelphia, PA, and beyond, are who people turn to when they're hurt in rear-end motor vehicle collisions. Often, these accidents happen because another driver was tailgating, or following too closely, and could not stop in time to avoid a collision.

North Carolina Motorcycle Accident Was Alcohol Related

LogoBased on a preliminary investigation, law enforcement officers from the High Point Police Department believe that both alcohol and excessive speed were factors in the crash.

Crowson Law Group Offering Representation in Personal Injury Matters

LogoWhen James founded the Crowson Law Group in the year 2011, he had a clear vision of how to add value to any personal injury that client's experience in Alaska. James, though, knew from years as a law firm and as an entrepreneur in the law industry niche, that technology was often the way to differentiate one competent law firm from another. Due to this reason, Crowson invented a comprehensive digital document system that he designed and marketed to other firms in the late 2000s. This allowed Crowson Law Group to provide documents to clients, medical providers and insurance companies seamlessly, with a click of a button- thereby freeing employees from labor-intensive copying and mailing and allowing them to concentrate on giving better customer service.

Find a Vehicle Accident Injury Lawyer at the Crowson Law Group

LogoThe Crowson Law Group is offering a full range of services that aim to protect the rights and entitlements of Alaska personal injury victims and their families. James Crowson discovered his passion for assisting accident victims in securing their compensation and the benefits they need to support themselves and their families. He founded his own company in North Carolina to serve the interests of plaintiff clients. Crowson Law Group is determined to back James' passion and commitment to be the voice of the victims of car, airplane, and motorcycle accidents. Since its establishment in Alaska, the firm has dedicated its resources to assist thousands of Alaska citizens with their accident issues. 

Relevant Factors Affecting Your Truck Accident Claim

LogoAny accident incident involving commercial trucks has a high chance of serious injury or death for the driver or passenger of each vehicle included in the accident. The factors surrounding such cases are important and may reflect what happens in the court room as well as the outcome of any personal injury claim filed.

Cowan Investigations Continues to Provide Investigation Services for Competitive Prices in New Jersey

When clients are deciding whether they should choose one private investigation agency over another, it is important for them to know the average costs for PI services in the region. Since private investigators are private citizens performing specialized investigations for other private citizens, clients are usually paying to utilize the knowledge, expertise, and experience of a licensed professional.