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The Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson Explain Whether Metal Health Claims Are Covered Under Workers' Compensation

When people think about getting injured at work, most of them imagine a slip or a fall, or perhaps an injury from lifting something too heavy. It's rare that mental health and emotional trauma immediately spring to mind. As the most reputable workman comp attorney in Atlanta, The Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson has explained that Atlanta's compensation laws apply to both mental and physical injuries sustained while working.

The Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson Advises on Crane Safety Tips

On average, accidents involving cranes on construction sites cause 42 deaths a year in the USA. Since 1997, almost 1000 workers have lost their lives due to injuries caused while using or working around these machines. As the best workers' comp attorneys in Atlanta, The Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson have advised on crane safety tips to help to keep these fatal accidents at bay.

The Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson Discuss the Risks to Aluminum Workers

A recent study has found that employees that work in factories producing aluminum could face significant risks of mild cognitive impairment (MCI). The condition is a transitional stage between the normal aging process and Alzheimer's disease. As the leading workers' compensation lawyer in Atlanta, The Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson have advised on the symptoms of this condition.

Workers' Compensation from the Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson Explains the Effect of Sleep Disorders on Nurses

Recent research has shown that many nurses across America may be suffering from a variety of sleep disorders. These could contribute to accidental deaths and medical errors in hospital settings. As Georgia's most reputable workers' comp lawyer, The Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson have explained the effects and consequences of sleep disorders on nurses.

Keith J. Williams Law Assists Clients in Bucks County, PA, Who Seek the Expungement of Juvenile Criminal Records

As an experienced expungement lawyer serving Bucks County, PA, Keith J. Williams Law provides essential legal support to young individuals looking to put past mistakes behind them and pursue a brighter future, unencumbered by a juvenile criminal record.

Joseph A. DeFuria, Timothy J. Fonseca and Michael R. Sucic Named Partners at Corradino & Papa, LLC

LogoCorradino & Papa, LLC is pleased to announce that Joseph A. DeFuria, Timothy J. Fonseca and Michael R. Sucic, have become partners with the firm. These three join colleagues Jack Vincent Corradino and Robert C. Papa Jr. as partners at Corradino and Papa, LLC.

Save Millions in Healthcare Business by Hiring the Right Florida Medical Attorney

Florida Healthcare Law Firm is one of the top Florida medical attorneys based out of Delray Beach. The team of lawyers specialize in providing reliable legal expertise in healthcare law and other legal proficiency involving the medical business.

Tadross Law Available for Anyone in Need of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Immediately

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a popular form of debt relief service used by businesses throughout America. As a reputable Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in Montgomery County and the surrounding areas, Tadross Law is immediately available to advise any companies on this type of bankruptcy.

Canadian Immigration Lawyer Reminds Caregivers the June 4th Deadline for the Interim Program Is Fast Approaching

LogoOn February 23, 2019, Canada's Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Ahmed Hussen, announced the "Interim Pathway for Caregivers."

Efficiency, Inc. Partners with BizIQ

Woman owned and operated voice transcription company Efficiency, Inc., which serves the entire state of Washington, has joined forces with BizIQ, a digital marketing agency that helps small businesses throughout North America.

Jeffrey B. McCarron and William T. Salzer Recognized in the Best Lawyers in America 2020

LogoSwartz Campbell is pleased to announce that partners Jeffrey B. McCarron and William T. Salzer have been included in The Best Lawyers in America© 2020 for the practice areas of "Legal Malpractice Law – Defendants" and "Insurance Law," respectively.

For the Third Year in a Row, Berry Law Named to Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies

Berry Law, one of the fastest growing law firms dedicated to representing veterans and active-duty military personnel, is proud to announce it made the Inc. 5000 list for the third year in a row. Impressively, the firm is one of the top 5 fastest growing law firms in the Midwest. Additionally, Berry Law is the 12th fastest growing company in the state of Nebraska.

Jacki Smith Named Partner in the Lambert Firm

LogoThe Lambert Firm is pleased to announce that Jacki Smith has been named a partner in our New Orleans maritime law firm.

Canadian Immigration Lawyers Share New Immigration Option to Manitoba

LogoSas & Ing, a team of Canadian immigration lawyers in Vancouver, have recently published a blog that may be of interest to young entrepreneurs who hope to make Canada their permanent home.

Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, P.C Offers Representation for Truck Accident Cases

Driving alongside trucks and tractor-trailers is a necessary part of being on the road. Truck drivers and their employers have a responsibility to make sure that they're careful and safe when operating these massive pieces of machinery.

Matt Shaffer Listed in the Best Lawyers in America 2020

LogoMatt Shaffer of SMSH Legal has been recognized once again by Best Lawyers in the 26th Edition of The Best Lawyers in America© 2020.

Hoboken Criminal Lawyer Accepting New Clients

LogoKeith Hirschorn, P.C., is now accepting new clients in need of a criminal defense lawyer.

Meet the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney at JLG Lawyers Today for a Promising Filing

GLENDALE, CA - 8th August 2019 – JLG Lawyers, a prestigious law firm in Glendale, CA is here to assist their clients with a whole lot of legal issues. The firm that specializes in different legal services also offers the best Los Angeles Chapter 11 Bankruptcy services. Chapter 11 is the most complicated of all and not all firms can handle all kinds of cases. Here at JLG, there are exclusive Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorneys who are highly knowledgeable and have immense experience handling different types of cases. The attorneys start by consultation, document gathering, pre-filing, strategizing, petitioning and a whole lot of other tasks prior to filing and post filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Hiring a professional is deemed important especially in these cases. As they will help the clients get feasible and favorable results. A successful filing of Chapter 11 allows the individuals to reschedule their debts, cancel any leases or executory contracts, and sell their non-productive assets if any under the protection of bankruptcy law.

David Keesling Engages Expert Divorce Lawyer in Tulsa and Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

LogoMarriage is considered to be a significant social bond. It requires a lot of efforts to keep a marriage working. Sometimes, it becomes challenging to keep it working. David Keesling is familiar with the situation and knows how tough a situation can grow for a couple when they require a divorce lawyer in Tulsa and Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

David S. Canter, Esq. Joins The Nicolson Law Group's West Coast Practice

LogoThe Nicolson Law Group PC is pleased to announce the addition of David S. Canter to its West Coast practice. David joins the firm with extensive civil litigation and trial experience representing both individuals and businesses in disputes arising from breach of contract, insurance bad faith, complex commercial civil litigation, and insurance defense matters. With a well-regarded track record for achieving favorable results for his clients during his decades long career, David is known for his tremendous advocacy skills and attention to both detail and cost.

New Study: Hate Crimes Spike in Washington State

LogoHate crimes incidents rose significantly in Washington State overall and in Seattle in particular. However, these charges often do not hold up in court, because the requisite mental state is very hard to prove.

Fourth Circuit Says DWI Accident Victim May Seek Criminal Restitution

LogoMost people know they can file a personal injury lawsuit if they are injured in an accident. But in some cases, victims may also seek compensation through the criminal justice system. Federal judges can award "full and timely restitution" to a victim as part of a criminal sentence.

Arkansas "Flashing Red. Kids Ahead" Campaign Addresses School Bus Safety

LogoWith children throughout the state heading back to class within the next few weeks, the timing is right for the Arkansas Division of Elementary and Secondary Education to raise awareness about school bus safety. The "Flashing Red. Kids Ahead." campaign is a reminder of what the blinking lights mean for motorists sharing the road with buses. Yellow indicates that drivers should use caution around pedestrians, especially younger children and anyone using nearby crosswalks. Red lets them know to stop immediately until the bus removes the traffic signs and indicates drivers can proceed.

Kansas Supreme Court Strikes Down Cap on Pain and Suffering Damages

LogoSince the mid-1980s Kansas has had a statutory cap on noneconomic damages. Under state law, juries have been restricted in the amount of pain and suffering damages that they can award to plaintiffs in any given case. No longer. In Hilburn v. Enerpipe Ltd., the Kansas Supreme Court struck down the decades old law as a violation of the Kansas Constitution.

Appeals Court Returns Santa Monica Building to Rent Control

LogoRent control remains a hotly contested issue throughout California. The California legislature is currently considering a new statewide rent control policy. Meanwhile, individual cities and counties continue to struggle with their own rent control inventories.