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Crowson Law Group Offers Affordable Legal Assistance to Victims for Personal Injury Claims

LogoA question that is commonly asked with regards to personal injury claims is "How long will it take to resolve my claim?" No personal injury attorney will give any individual an exact time frame, rather it is likely that their response will start with the words "It depends..." The reality is that the answer to this question varies mainly because cases can take different amounts of time because of a number of different factors. This article will discuss factors that can directly influence the timing of personal injury claims.

Tadross Law Booking Consultations for Anyone in Need of a Bankruptcy or Debt Lawyer in Bucks County

Tadross Law is currently booking consultations for anyone in need of a bankruptcy or debt lawyer in Bucks County. The law firm is available to help individuals and businesses consolidate their debts if they are struggling with their finances. Following an initial consultation, the legal team at Tadross Law will create a debt management plan that gives their clients the best possible financial solution. This helps to transform their business and restructure their debts.

Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, P.C. Get Justice for Drivers Injured by Uninsured Motorists

A license, seatbelts, and state minimum car insurance—there are a few things that every driver in Pennsylvania is expected to have before he or she hits the road. Liability insurance helps protect drivers in the event that they injure someone on the road. Unfortunately, not every driver has insurance, and if an uninsured motorist injures another driver, that driver can be left in a lurch, owing medical bills and other expenses without a remedy. However, the auto and truck accident lawyers in Philadelphia working at Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, P.C. are available to help injured drivers get the justice and compensation they deserve.

Denver Federal Judge Defies Appellate Court Order

LogoOn January 23, 2019, based on a motion filed by the Colorado Springs Fellowship Church (view motion online at, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ordered federal judge Christine M. Arguello to unseal and make public, records and transcripts from a criminal proceeding where it was alleged she secretly used her court to conduct religious attacks and persecution against CSFC's highly respected Pastor, Rose Banks who was not the defendant and has no criminal record. After nearly six months of failing to comply with the order, New York Attorney Bernard Kleinman petitioned the 10th Circuit to issue another order directing Judge Arguello "to do what [she] has already been directed to do." Kleinman also asked, that because of Judge Arguello's continuing recalcitrance and "bias" against Pastor Banks that she be recused, and the case be assigned to another judge. "As of September 2019 (eight months after the order), the miscreant Judge Arguello continues her defiance, while a recreant 10th Circuit refuses to hold her accountable or assign the case to another judge," says Cliff Stewart, CSFC's Chairman of the Board.

Oklahoma Judge Orders Johnson & Johnson to Pay $572 Million in Opioid Settlement

LogoOn August 26th, 2019, a landmark verdict came down, holding the large drug manufacturer Johnson & Johnson legally responsible for its role in causing the crisis. As reported by Tulsa World, Cleveland County District Judge Thad Balkman has ordered the pharmaceutical giant to pay the state of Oklahoma $572 million in damages. 

Florida Healthcare Law Firm Helps Curb Potential Risks by Providing Excellent Healthcare Compliance and Regulatory Services

Florida Healthcare Law Firm, a leading healthcare compliance and regulatory services company, is based out of Delray Beach in Florida. With an extensive combined experience panning over 150 years, the lawyers at the agency are solely involved in guiding healthcare businesses and medical professionals in dealing with nuances of the business, in compliance with the state and federal laws.

Oklahoma Sets Sights on Lowering Traffic Fatalities in 2019

LogoAccording to initial reports from the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office (OHSA), traffic fatalities have been lower than usual for the first part of 2019. At present, there have only been 177 auto crash fatalities statewide since the beginning of the year. If those numbers continued, our state would be on target for a record low in fatalities. However, the sad reality is that most of the serious auto accidents and fatalities around the state often correspond to major holidays, vacations, and certain times of year.

Practical Aspects of Discovery in an Administrative Forum

LogoJoin top government officials and policymakers, world-class management-side attorneys and union representatives, and leading academics for a focused day of learning about the future of the federal workplace and workforce. Register Now.

Canadian Immigration Lawyers Explain Biometrics Process

LogoThe Canadian Immigration Lawyers at Sas & Ing have set out to explain the new biometrics process launched by Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) in a new blog.

Carosella & Associates Are Devising Business Succession Plans for Small Businesses

LogoWith more than 20 years of putting our experience to work for clients in Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey, our legal team at Carosella & Associates understands how important business succession planning is for small and family-owned businesses.

Top Los Angeles Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Lawyers Assist Businesses with Successful Reorganization

JLG Lawyers, a reputable law firm in California, is pleased to offer exclusive Los Angeles Chapter 11 Bankruptcy filing services. Many businesses have a difficult time keeping up with their debt liabilities while maintaining their operations. Some resort to closing down their business because they believe that closure is their only option.

Dealing with a Teenager's Traffic Ticket

LogoPaying a violation tends to be a default option, particularly if it's a moving violation. However, this may result in points on the license and it will likely lead to a more expensive insurance premium. If it is a non-moving violation, then paying the ticket makes more sense. The fines are minor and they often don't involve points being added to a driver's license.

Matt Shaffer Once Again Makes Texas Super Lawyers List

LogoMatt Shaffer of Schechter, McElwee, Shaffer & Harris has once again been recognized by Super Lawyers in the 2019 Texas Super Lawyers List. This honor is a result of his excellence in Maritime Litigation.

Legal Options for Victim's Family After Arkansas Criminal Charges Dropped

LogoThe El Dorado News-Times covered the story in an article dated September 5, 2019, reporting on a development in the criminal case involving allegations of fleeing the scene. The special prosecutor announced that he was dropping the charges against the woman less than one month before the matter was scheduled for trial.

Punitive Damages May Be an Option in Arkansas DUI Crash

LogoThe Arkansas Democrat-Gazette covered the story in a September 6, 2019 article, stating that the three-vehicle collision occurred when the defendant failed to stop at a traffic signal. Most of those involved in the crash were treated for minor injuries, except for one victim who died from his injuries after being transported to Northwest Medical Center-Bentonville.

Fatal Alcohol-Fueled Head-on Crash in Hughesville

LogoThe accident occurred on Route 5 near the Huckleberry Drive exit. According to police and witnesses, 47-year-old Timothy Markin, of Silver Spring, was on the southbound side of Route 5 in a Mercedes Benz. A Toyota Camry, which was northbound on the southbound side, hit Mr. Markin head-on. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The other driver, whose name was not released, was rushed to a nearby hospital with serious injuries.

Prosecutors Decline to Retry Shooters at Milo Yiannopoulos Event

LogoAfter one jury deadlocked, King County prosecutors said they would not retry Marc and Elizabeth Hokoana, who were charged with assaulting protestor Joshua Dukes at a University of Washington event in January 2017. The State of Washington v. Elizabeth Joy Hokoana, Marc K Hokoana. Superior Court of Washington for King County # 17-C-02989-7 SEA & 17-C-02990-1 SEA

What to Do After a Major Storm Has Passed

LogoOne way to start is to figure out whether the damage was a result of flooding, wind, or rain. This step is vital since flood insurance in Florida is not covered under most homeowner's insurance policies and requires having a separate policy.

US Trustee Seeks to Convert Bankruptcy of LeClairRyan to Chapter 7

LogoOn September 12, 2019, the Office of the U.S. Trustee (the "UST") filed its motion to convert the chapter 11 bankruptcy of LeClairRyan PLLC ("LeClairRyan") to chapter 7. This motion is set for hearing on September 26, 2019 at 2 p.m. in the courtroom of Judge Kevin Huennekens. The UST argues that LeClairRyan continuing as a liquidating chapter 11 bankruptcy is going to increase the burden of fees that will ultimately reduce the recovery to unsecured creditors.

The Law Offices of Jason C. Pollack, P.C. Advises Clients on How to Rebuild Their Lives After a DUI Conviction

The Law Offices of Jason C. Pollack P.C. continues to advise clients on how to improve their lives following a DUI conviction. For over two decades, the leading DWI lawyer in Burlington County has worked with hundreds of DUI cases. During this time, the firm's legal experts have worked tirelessly to garner the best possible legal outcomes for those that are charged and convicted of DUI offenses across the New Jersey area.

Maryland State Police Investigate Fatal Wrong Way Crash in Prince George's County

LogoMaryland State Police are continuing to investigate a fatal wrong way accident that happened Saturday, June 15, 2019. They are attempting to determine the underlying factors which led to the crash occurring. CBS Baltimore news reports the collision occurred just after 4:00 a.m. in the westbound lanes of Route 50, east of Route 704 in Mitchellville, Prince George's County.

Wrong-Way Collision Is Deadliest Accident in Recent Minnesota History

LogoThe crash occurred in Eyota, which is located 85 miles southeast of the Twin Cities and east of Rochester, Minnesota. The collision caused the deaths of six different people, including an 11-year-old child. The accident happened in the early hours of a Friday morning earlier this month. While the collision only involved two vehicles, Minnesota State Patrol officers emphasized the severity of the crash. Indeed, law enforcement officials described it as the deadliest accident in the state since 2010.

Jury Awards Company $5.3 Million in Bad Faith Insurance Damages to Company

LogoIn Compass Well Services, LLC v. Great American Insurance Company of New York, the jury determined that the insurance company engaged in unfair settlement practices when handling an equipment damage claim. 

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Signs Bill Extending the State's Driver License Suspension Program for Unpaid Child Support

LogoOn August 14th, 2019, the office of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo released a statement announcing that a state program that allows for the suspension of driving privileges for failure to pay child support is being extended for two more years.

New York Appeals Court Modifies Divorce Judgement on Grounds That Unprofitable Business Partnership Cannot Be Easily Divided

LogoA matrimonial action that involved a spouse seeking a modification of a divorce judgement on the grounds that the initial ruling was unjust and ineffective.