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Gershon, Willoughby & Getz, LLC Now Booking Consultations for Victims of Delayed Emergency Room Treatment

LogoGershon, Willoughby & Getz, LLC, Maryland's leading birth injury attorneys, are now booking consultations for victims who have experienced delayed emergency room treatment that has resulted in severe injury or death. Shocking statistics have shown that 25% of patients that enter an emergency room are not seen in a safe time frame. Sometimes this unreasonable delay can lead to serious harm and a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Abell & Capitan Law Fights Insurers to Overturn Unlawful Long-Term Disability Claim Denials

LogoAbell & Capitan Law, one of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Louisville, Kentucky's most trusted firms of disability insurance lawyers, understands the dishonest or negligent tactics that many insurance providers employ to deny legitimate claims for long-term disability benefits and acts quickly to overturn these denials to win the benefits their clients need. Anyone who has received a denial of long-term disability benefits to which they are rightfully entitled should contact Abell & Capitan Law immediately, so they can get to work gathering the necessary information and expert testimonies to reverse the decision.

Vancouver Estate Lawyers Share Considerations when Making a Will

LogoAt the Kushner Law Group, many clients request help with the drafting of their wills. A properly drafted and binding will is a gift of certainty to family and loved ones. Of course, the process is reasonably complex, and before approaching an estate lawyer a testator (the person writing the will) should consider three key points.

Alegant Law Firm: Open for Philadelphia Slip and Fall Cases

Alegant Law Offices, and its chief injury attorney, Kimberly Ruch – Alegant, Esq., is proud to announce the opening of a new law practice with a focus on premises liability and Personal injury.

Vancouver Immigration Consultants Shares Details of the AIPP

LogoAs a group of Canadian Immigration Consultants, the team at Racer Immigration know that the ITA (Invitation to Apply) isn't the end-all when it comes to immigration. There are places across Canada that want and need new people. The AIPP is a wonderful pilot program that aims to make Canada's Maritimes more attractive to new Canadians.

The Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson Handles Automobile Accident Cases in Atlanta, GA

Known for protecting those who have suffered an injury while working on the job throughout the Greater Atlanta, GA area, the workers' comp lawyers at the Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson can also represent those who have been injured in an automobile accident.

The Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson Provides Atlanta Residents with Free Consultations

Employees in the state of Georgia who recently injured themselves while working on the job are urged to get in contact with the Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson and their workman comp lawyers in Atlanta this spring.

The Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson Represents Those with Pre-Existing Conditions

For those in the Atlanta, GA area who have recently become injured while working on the job and are looking for a workers' comp lawyer in Atlanta are urged to contact the Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson today for the legal assistance that is needed for navigating a workers' comp case.

The Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson Provides Legal Support when Claims Are Denied

Those living in the Atlanta area who have recently had their workers' compensation claim denied are contacting the Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson to receive the necessary legal guidance they need to take their next steps.

The Law Office of Zapicchi & Liller LLP: Providing Legal Defense for DUIs and DWIs in New Jersey

With summer right around the corner, residents all across New Jersey will soon find themselves with plenty of more things to do compared to winter and spring. With happy hour after work, Saturday brunch, and other events happening, everyone needs to be aware of the right time to stop drinking.

Workers' Compensation from the Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson Helps Injured Workers Resume Day-to-Day Living

At any given time, an injury can occur in the workplace whether it be in an office, on a construction site or inside a retail store. Under most circumstances, employees don't go to work expecting to succumb to an injury. However, accidents happen from time to time. Depending on the severity of the injury, hiring a workers' compensation law firm can be beneficial. Those injured on the job in Atlanta, Georgia should contact the lawyers at Workers' Compensation from the Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson. Offers Florida Criminal Defense Attorney Consultations, one of the largest Florida business attorney directories online, is adding to their selection of lawyers to include Florida criminal defense attorney options in Fort Lauderdale, Miami and surrounding areas as well as offering free consultations via phone. This year, the directory has already added several categories and will continue to do so as the demand increases for specific specialties. The selections, which are based on location, price, experience and additional options, are completely free to access for visitors to the site.

Vancouver Lawyers Discuss Commencing Action on Behalf of an Estate

LogoAs a team of lawyers in Vancouver, the Kushner Law Group has just published part one of a two-part series that examines how the Wills, Estates and Succession Act ("WESA") permits litigants to apply to the Court for leave (or permission) to commence an action on behalf of an Estate.

Xander Law Group P.A. Names Wayne Atkins, Esq. Managing Partner, Jason Weber, Esq. to Service as Business Development Partner Effective May 2018

LogoXander Law Group, P.A., headquartered in the heart of downtown Miami, announced today that Wayne R. Atkins, Esq. has accepted the position of managing partner of the firm. Mr. Atkins has headed the firm's complex commercial litigation practice for the past 5 years and has stepped into the role of the firm's top-level executive. Founded in 2011 by Jason H. Weber, Esq., Xander Law Group has grown steadily and expanded its areas of practice to include several business-oriented disciplines, including real estate law and title services, out sourced in-house counsel services, appellate litigation, and chapter 11 bankruptcy for small businesses and high net worth individuals.

Ruben J. Padron, PA Partners with BizIQ

Ruben J. Padron, PA, a law firm assisting clients in a wide variety of practice areas, announced it has teamed up with BizIQ, a digital marketing company out of Phoenix, Arizona that works with small businesses across North America.

Silver & Silver Recognizes Achievements of Lawrence J. Weinstein, Esq. on Website

Silver & Silver, one of the most experienced teams of Social Security lawyers in Philadelphia, PA, recognizes the accomplishments of attorney Lawrence J. Weinstein, Esq. on the firm's website. As a valuable member of Silver & Silver, Weinstein brings a thorough education and extensive legal background with him as he serves disability clients and others in Pennsylvania.

Melbourne Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Applauds the Introduction of Honda's Latest Motorcycle Simulator

LogoDesigned to mimic the experience of actually being on the road, Honda's latest offering makes it possible for new riders to gain experience without the risk of being on the road and for experienced riders to practice evasive maneuvers without risking themselves or their bikes.

Refrain from Using Hazard Lights During a Storm

LogoWhen driving in the rain, it is not uncommon to notice more than one driver using their hazard lights. This behavior may also appear when the conditions on the road are foggy.

Law Firm LewisFox Supports Local Florida Community Organization

LewisFox, a Florida-based business and litigation law firm, is committed to supporting the community by aiding in providing opportunities for children through its work with local organizations and schools. Last week, the firm held a registration event for The Barnyard Summer camp, a free local Florida summer program for children. The event included dinner, children's activities, guest speakers and a raffle.

Abell & Capitan Law Accepting New Long Term and Short Term Disability Insurance Claims

LogoAbell & Capitan Law handles disability insurance cases throughout the entirety of the complex claims process to get clients the benefits they deserve. Disability insurance lawyers Erik Abell and Joe Capitan have provided trusted representation to hundreds of individuals fighting for their long term, short term, and individual disability insurance benefits. From applications, appeals, lawsuits, and settlements, they have the experience necessary to help a client maximize his or her chances of recovery.

Robert C. Papa Jr. Achieves Civil Trial Attorney Certification

LogoRobert C. Papa Jr. has been officially certified as a Civil Trial Attorney by the Supreme Court of New Jersey. In doing so, Mr. Papa follows in the footsteps of colleagues Jack Vincent Corradino and Joseph A. Defuria as attorneys who have been able to demonstrate their expert levels of experience, education, knowledge, and skill in civil trial practice.

All About Bail Bonds Offers Felony Bail Bond in Harris County and Humble Texas

LogoIt is difficult to see one's near and dear ones being arrested on Felony charges. If wrongfully convicted, these charges can ruin one's life completely. That is why it makes sense to get bail bonds arranged quickly so that the one arrested on the charges can be put out of jail immediately. There is one company named All About Bail Bonds that helps to get the person arrested out of jail fast. This is a bail bonds company that has some of the best and experienced bail bondsman in Midtown and Pearland Texas working for them. The company has been around for years, and they are the ones that clients can trust and rely on. Over the years, the bail bondsman has been doing a commendable job in getting people out of jail quickly. They know how much damaging can charges like felony be. That is the reason they do not waste time in arranging for the bail bonds that will help take their loved ones home.

All About Bail Bonds Offers Bail Bondsmen in Midtown and Pearland Texas for Arranging Traffic Bail Bonds

LogoWith road accidents on the rise and traffic rules getting strict, it is true that any big or small traffic violation should be dealt with strong hands. The ones really at fault, should be punished without doubt, but the ones who perhaps have done it for some emergency needs to have ground for an explanation. Putting them straight behind bars is not a solution, and everyone deserves a chance at justice. All About Bail Bonds gives everyone the opportunity to prove their innocence. Only because they are initially penalized does not mean that they have to be in jail. Talking to a bail bondsman in Midtown and Pearland Texas from All About Bail Bonds happens to be the best solution in such cases.

Super Lawyers Honors Partners at Petrelli Previtera Schimmel, LLC

LogoSuper Lawyers has again recognized Petrelli Previtera Schimmel partners Thomas Petrelli, Melinda Previtera, and Diana Schimmel for their outstanding advocacy in the field of family law. Each year, the publication selects no more than five percent of lawyers in the state to receive this honor.

New California Rules Set for Determining Employee Versus Contractor

LogoIn a decision likely to make it much harder for businesses to classify workers as contractors, the California Supreme Court has set aside a multi-factor standard, which California courts used for 30 years to determine whether a worker was an independent contractor or an employee under the state's various Wage Orders.