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Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, P.C. Representing Clients in All Types of Personal Injury Cases

If an individual has been injured as a result of someone else's negligence, they have the right to sue for damages in a personal injury case. Due to the complex legal nature involved in various personal injury claims, seeking out the skill of a personal injury lawyer is extremely beneficial. That's why Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, P.C. is offering their legal counsel for all types of personal injury cases. Their team of lawyers is prepared to represent clients in a wide range of personal injury cases.

Workers' Compensation from the Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson Provides Nurses with Workers' Comp Representation

As the trusted law firm renowned for their expert services, Workers' Compensation from the Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson is the premier workers' comp lawyer serving Atlanta and the surrounding communities. Now, the organization is advising why nurses and other healthcare workers injured on the job need their professional services.

Darwin F. Johnson Helps Injured Workers Navigate the Legal Process

As the leading workers' compensation lawyer in Atlanta, Darwin Johnson is providing legal guidance to injured workers across the entire state of Georgia. While many injured workers believe the process of filing a lawsuit against an employer is relatively straightforward, in reality, legal proceedings can become challenging to manage without proper experience. Regardless of the circumstances of a case, Johnson recommends hiring a qualified attorney that has experience battling large organizations and insurance companies.

Darwin F. Johnson Is Fighting for Workers' Rights in Atlanta and the Surrounding Areas

The top-rated workmans' comp attorney from Atlanta, Darwin Johnson, has been fighting for the rights of Atlanta workers for over 10 years. After beginning his career practicing under a judge in the Georgia court system, Mr. Johnson has gone on to battle some of the biggest corporations and insurance companies to help his clients secure the compensation they deserve.

Darwin F. Johnson Fights for Clients Who Have Suffered Wintertime Injuries in the Workplace

When it comes to a workplace injury in the wintertime, turn to Atlanta's top-rated workers' comp attorney, Darwin F. Johnson. Each year, countless workers across the country suffer injuries due to the elements of the winter season. Whether it's due to a slip on the ice in front of the office, or from a falling icicle, most injured workers are unaware that it is their employer's responsibility to ensure the safety of their employees at all times.

Darwin F. Johnson Helps Injured Nurses Exercise Their Rights in Atlanta

While nursing is one of the world's oldest and most respected professions, it is also one of the most high-risk as well. Due to the long hours and heavy strain on the body, standard nursing duties often result in injuries. Nurses who have sustained an occupational injury in the state of Georgia can reach out to The Law Offices of Darwin Johnson for legal counsel in their workers' compensation case.

The Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson Provides Legal Services to Injured Correctional Officers in Atlanta

Atlanta's leading work injury lawyer, Darwin F. Johnson, is proving legal services to correctional officers injured while on the job. Working in America's prison system is one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. Whether or not a person is employed at a state-run or federally-operated prison, working in a dangerous field such as corrections presents its own set of unique hazards.

Understanding Birth Control Lawsuits

LogoBayer, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world posted a notice on its website on July 20, 2018 stating that it will voluntary stop selling Essure in the United States for business reasons. The notice advised that the birth control devices would no longer be available after December 31, 2018. Such a decision was made after months of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ordering that the Essure birth control device be further restricted due to concerns about the serious health risks to women. One article stated that, "the FDA took the step because of information indicating that women were not being adequately warned about the potential side effects and complications they could face. However, the company maintains its opinion that Essure is safe and effective."

Succeeding in a 'Simple' Personal Injury Claim

LogoThere are instances where the manner in which a car accident occurs may make the issue of fault cut and dry. However, even though it is clear that the car accident was the other person's fault there is still an uphill battle against the insurance company especially if you are an unrepresented plaintiff.

Local Law Firm Launches New Marketing Initiative

LogoPolaris Law Firm Teams Up with OXY Creative for Exciting New Marketing Initiative North Carolina-based practice headed by Ryan Stowe, Esq. turns to renowned creative agency to bolster web applications and SEO marketing strategies.

Firm Announces Name Change

LogoFormed nearly 10 years ago by a group of Amlaw 100 lawyers, the firm's Managing Partner, Benjamin Levin, said he was delighted when his long-time colleague, Mark D. Shapiro, agreed to become a name partner effective today. "Mark has contributed so much to the success of our firm. He is first-rate lawyer and an accomplished leader and community citizen." Said Levin, "It was time."

Tadross Law Taking New Clients in Need of Help Dealing with Debt

Those who are facing a mountain of debt while still able to make payments are encouraged to contact the knowledgeable attorneys at Tadross Law. An attorney from this law firm will be more than happy to discuss the various benefits of debt settlement in Philadelphia and the surrounding regions.

The Law Offices of Benjamin Nadig Helps Those Facing White Collar Criminal Charges

As one of Clark County's white collar criminal defense attorneys, Benjamin Nadig strives to protect his clients both personally and financially when facing white collar crime accusations. Individuals who face allegations and charges of white collar crime are at serious risk of not only having their reputations and livelihoods damaged or destroyed, but more serious implications such as incarceration and up to thousands of dollars in fines. Attorney Benjamin Nadig has a proven record of success regarding white collar criminal defense in Clark County and the surrounding areas.

Ostroff Injury Law's New Headquarters Showcases Firm's Commitment to Justice

Logo“Our grit, hard work and client commitment has led to our reputation as one of Pennsylvania’s premier personal injury law firms. Our brand new headquarters reflects this.”

U.S. State Department Asks Gourvitz & Gourvitz Law Firm to Mentor an Attorney Regarding the Hague Convention on Abduction of Children

LogoThe Gourvitz firm has once again been asked to mentor an attorney regarding the Hague Convention on Abduction of Children

ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW Offers Data Protection and Compliance Services to Protect Business' Most Valuable Assets

LogoOne of the leading providers of a variety of legal services in the UK, ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW offers Data Protection and Compliance Services to protect business' most valuable assets. The services help clients to maintain the trust of their customers, clients, suppliers and prevent regulatory scrutiny by authorities. Their Data Protection and Privacy experts conduct a "fact finding" discussion with each of their clients to provide the services according to their specific needs and budget. To help clients comply with GDPR standards, they provide a report that sets out the law, how it applies to the business, where there are gaps in current processes, procedures and documents and what steps need to be taken to improve this.

Five Things You Should Know About Winter Work Accidents

LogoHere in New Jersey, we’re no stranger to extreme weather conditions. During December, January and February, it’s not uncommon for temperatures to remain below freezing all day and night. Even in the southernmost regions of the state, snowfall can frequently occur between November and April.

Vancouver Estate Lawyers Discuss Beneficiaries Ability to Sue the Estate

LogoAs a team of estate lawyers in Vancouver, the lawyers at Kushner Law Group are often consulted by beneficiaries who are unhappy with the current administration of an Estate. A beneficiary under a will is restricted in his or her ability to sue in the name of the personal representative of the deceased person. The Wills, Estates and Succession Act imposes this restriction under the condition that a beneficiary must obtain leave of the court before bringing such a suit.

First Choice Accident & Injury Care Offers Qualified Truck Accident Lawyer in Decatur and Lawrenceville Georgia

LogoFirst Choice Accident & Injury Care is a premier organization that provides its services to the people belonging to the diverse parts of Georgia, Tennessee, as well as Alabama. This company aims to provide accident victims with all the support and assistance that they need after being in a traumatic event.

First Choice Accident & Injury Care Provides Boat Accident Attorney in Alpharetta and Atlanta GA

LogoFirst Choice Accident & Injury Care is an organization based in the state of Georgia. This organization specializes in providing both medical and legal assistance to the people who have been in an accident. First Choice Accident & Injury Care is staffed with board-certified physicians are experienced and trained in especially in treating accident injuries. These professionals aim at making all their patients feel welcome and respected and hence provide them with highly compassionate care. In addition to medical help, accident victim often require solid legal representation. From First Choice Accident & Injury Care people can seek out the services of qualified attorneys, including truck accident lawyer in Decatur and Lawrenceville Georgia. These legal professionals can efficiently resolve diverse types of disputes concerning injury and medical settlement claims relating to accidents. While typically the relevant insurance company would be required to pay for all the medical bills of the victim. However, this does not happen in many cases. In this scenario, people can seek out the assistance of First Choice Accident & Injury Care; whose professionals can make sure that all the healthcare bills of the victim are paid in full by the insurance company or person at fault.

The Law Firm of Morgan Rooks, PC Welcomes Clients Pursuing Pay Equity Claims in New Jersey

LogoRecent changes in New Jersey's Pay Equity Law favor employees who believe they're being unfairly compensated, and The Law Firm of Morgan Rooks, PC represents individuals in pursuit of pay equity claims to recover the wages they deserve.

Civil Litigation—Small Claims Lawyers in Vancouver

LogoUnless the circumstances are extraordinary, no one really expects to become embroiled in a lawsuit. As a firm of lawyers in Vancouver, the team at Kushner Law Group explains why legal representation can be helpful when there is no alternative but to defend against Civil Litigation. For more, go to:

Canadian Immigration Lawyer Explains What Applicants Need to Know About Cannabis Use

LogoAs Canadian Immigration lawyers, the team at Sas & Ing advise prospective immigrants to be cautious about cannabis use in Canada. While recreational use of pot is now permitted, many restrictions apply, and these should be of special interest to people coming to Canada, whether to visit, work, study or live permanently.

Gymboree Seeks to Liquidate in Second Bankruptcy Filing in Two Years

LogoThe Gymboree Group ("Gymboree") is seeking to liquidate under chapter 11 of the bankruptcy code as the retailer filed bankruptcy for the second time in two years. Gymboree, except for its Janie and Jack business, has failed to recover following its emergence from bankruptcy in 2017.

PG&E Is Filing for Bankruptcy - Green Solar Technologies COO Edward Harner Comments

LogoWe're not even one month into the new year and PG&E, the nation's largest utility company, is confronting the greatest threat in its 114 year history. The company is facing $30 billion in potential damages for devastating wildfires that raged over northern California in 2017 and 2018, killing dozens of people and destroying thousands of homes and businesses.