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The Law Offices of Robert Dodson, P.A. Towards Nursing Home Neglect/Abuse: Radical Action and Report Transparency as a Must to Protect Elderly Citizens

LogoThe elderly citizens are the very heart of the population that needs to be taken good care because of their frailty to resist any threats that they might encounter if they're alone and away from their families. As much as possible, their loved ones look for the best nursing home with friendly and accommodating staffs that will attend to every need of the elderly until they got better. Yet, seeing the conditions of many elderly in nursing homes today seems to be alarming and disturbing that attorneys in Columbia SC are now in doubt if such facilities are still the best place for many elderly that are often neglected and abuse but were not able to complain due to some health issues.

Announcing the Launch of Injury Compensation NI, Top Source for Personal Injury Help

The operators of Injury Compensation NI announced that the new online service has launched and is now available for use. Injury Compensation NI takes the complexity out of pursuing compensation for personal injuries in Northern Ireland, giving victims a simple, online way to easily schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with a highly qualified solicitor. The new site also contains a wealth of accessible informational resources that should be considered required reading for everyone in this situation.

Virginia Employees with Work Related Illnesses and Injuries Now Have Access to a New Reference Guide to Help Employees Protect Their Rights and Benefits

LogoEvery year over 80,000 Virginia workers experience some type of occupational injury or illness. These injured employees are generally entitled to Workers' Compensation benefits. However, many injured Virginians soon learn that the process required to receive benefits, can sometimes add "insult to injury."

Small Business Owners Need Guidance in Numerous Areas, Reports

Florida's economy continues to be driven in large part by small businesses. The United States Small Business Administration, in 2014, announced that 2.1 million small businesses operate within the state employing 2.9 million people. The majority of these companies employs only the owner, yet 1.2 million have one or more employees. Individuals who own a small business need an experienced attorney on their side to ensure their interests are protected at all times and John R. Samaan, P.A. is this attorney for many.

Johnny Denenea of Shearman-Denenea Launches Legionnaires' Disease Awareness Campaign

Johnny Denenea, a founding partner of law firm Shearman-Denenea, LLC, announced the commencement of a new public awareness campaign focusing on Legionnaires' disease. Through a series of public appearances, press availability opportunities, and the release of online informational resources, Denenea will work to spread knowledge about this often-deadly form of pneumonia. Through his work as a trial lawyer, Denenea has successfully represented many victims of the disease and their families, and the new public awareness campaign will help to ensure that proper precautions against it will be taken.

Maloney Law Office of Traverse City Updates Website

The Maloney Law Office, a full service law firm led by Vincent J. Maloney, has recently been updated. Further representing the attorney's 25 years of experience, the website fully demonstrates his areas of practice including wills, trusts, estate planning, divorce, and criminal defense.

Canadaduientrylaw Launches a Service on How to Overcome Entry Dilemma to Canada with a DUI Record

Introducing a quick solution where all the DUI problems get set for entering Canada. It sure is not an easy task to enter any country with a Driving under Influence record stained in a passport. But with online service, things are never going to be the same. Anyone having trouble with the law for entering Canada with DUI record can get help from this service. Started with the sole aim to cater service to those citizens who are stained with the record of DUI from alcohol, drugs and other abusive substances, this online Canadaduientrylaw is an answer for all kinds of queries related with legal entry into Canada with a DUI record splashed across anyone's passport.

Criminal Lawyer in Brockton Massachusetts Launches New DUI Website

This new website was designed with the visitor in mind with helpful information on DUI defense and Criminal Laws in Massachusetts. The site is designed to help clients navigate through the legal system with FAQ's relating to OUI, Drug Possession and Motor Vehicle Offenses. Attorney Edward Sharkansky encourages followers to connect with him using social media. He has profile links with Google +, Facebook and Twitter.

Non-Biological Fathers May Have Custody and Visitation Rights, Reports

The Colorado courts must take many factors into consideration when determining if a non-biological father should have custody and/or visitation rights of a child he did not father. Circumstances considered by the court during the process include whether or not the man believed he was the father. In addition, if a non-birth father successfully demonstrates he has a strong, enduring relationship with a child he hasn't fathered, he may be able to retain parental rights. Maceau Law ( works to help men who find they are in this situation.

The Suskauer Law Firm, P.A. Urges Drivers to Take Care at DUI Checkpoints

A controversial attorney from Boca Raton, Florida recently made news when he held up a flyer at a DUI checkpoint declaring he would not speak or subject to a search and that he wanted an attorney. Many wonder if this is legal and it has yet to be determined if these tactics will be held up in a courtroom. Before one takes this type of action after being pulled over at a DUI checkpoint or on suspicion of drunk driving, he or she needs to speak to a reputable attorney to understand the repercussions of doing so. Many turn to The Suskauer Law Firm ( for advice in this area.

Parkman White, LLP, Announces Firm Name Change

LogoBirmingham attorneys Jim Parkman and William White announce the formation of Parkman White, LLP, with law offices in Birmingham and Dothan, Alabama.  The partners have represented clients for more than a decade and were formerly known as Parkman & White, LLC.  The new name comes as they expand the firm's traditional offerings from white-collar defense and investigations, criminal defense, DUI defense and divorce.  In addition to these practice areas, the firm has added attorneys capable of representing clients in civil litigation, bankruptcy, probate and immigration.

The Begum Law Group Offers Free Consultations for All Personal Injury Inquiries

When someone falls victim to an accident circumstances beyond their control, these circumstances are often the responsibility of another. In these cases, blame can rightfully be attributed to the party responsible, and compensation can and should be sought. San Antonio car accident lawyers The Begum Law Group understands that this is a complicated and often overwhelming process for injured parties to deal with. As such, they are offering free consultations to anyone seeking legal advice about seeking compensation.

Villareal and Begum Law Firm Create Video Testimonials with Former San Antonio Clients

Personal injuries can ruin lives in ways victims often can't predict. A few days missed from work can result in a shortfall that means bills can't be paid and soon their finances spiral out of control. That's why it's essential that victims of personal injuries seek compensation. San Antonio car accident injury attorneys Villareal and Begum help English and Spanish speaking clients to do just that. They have recently composed a series of video testimonials using real clients, to help new clients understand the importance of seeking compensation. These testimonials also promote VB Law Group as the only choice for those in San Antionio, Texas.

Attorneys Launch Controversial Web Site on DUI and Reckless Driving

It has been said that with the large number of attorneys available for the citizens of the country, more caution ought to be taken to choose the right one. It has been agreed upon through past experiences that clients benefit more from hiring those attorneys who understands how their clients are feeling after undergoing serious traffic charges from the court.

Lawyer Cover Providing Instant Quote for Attorney Cyber Liability Insurance

LogoWith the increased reliance on technology and media platforms for storage of data and communications, law firms face the risk of cyber breaches and hacks every day. To ensure confidential information and data storage is protected, Lawyer Cover is now providing instant quotes and comprehensive coverage for attorney cyber liability insurance. For client convenience, the application for their cyber liability product is just one page and will take less than a minute to complete.

Gershon, Willoughby, Getz & Smith, LLC Lawyer Attends the American Association for Justice Winter Convention

LogoGershon, Willoughby, Getz & Smith, LLC is a team of lawyers that take on medical malpractice cases centered on cerebral palsy. In order to keep up to date on the latest developments in trial advocacy and to sharpen legal skills, Wayne M. Willoughby of the law firm attended the American Association for Justice Winter Convention in Palm Springs, California. The event took place from February 21st to the 24th and featured various activities and programs that focus on the improvement of the representation of clients in the court of law.

Brad Sinclair and Sinclair Law to Participate in Daytona Bike Week

LogoDaytona Bike Week 2015 in full force, March 6-15, 2015. Since 1937, Bike Week has been a staple of Daytona Beach. It was originally started as a 3.2 mile course and dubbed the Handlebar Derby. From 1942 to 1947, the event was discontinued as fuel, tires, and critical engine components were rationed for the war effort.

Spencer Farris' Popular Cases to Be Recounted by Public After Record-Breaking Wins

Cases handled in the court over the past decades have proven with clarity that hiring the right lawyer is detrimental in making all the difference. With the liberty allowed by the law of the land, the court allows an equal chance for both the accused and the victim to present their case and fight for their innocence.

Susan Bishop Named Partner at Berliner Cohen

LogoBerliner Cohen is pleased to announce that Susan Bishop has been elevated to partner in its Litigation Department and Employment Law Practice Group.

Longtime Berliner Cohen Partner Roberta Hayashi - Named to Superior Court Bench

LogoBerliner Cohen is pleased to announce the appointment of Roberta S. Hayashi to the Santa Clara County Superior Court bench. Before her appointment to the bench, Hayashi, 56, had been head of the employment law practice and a litigation partner at Berliner Cohen since 2006, and prior to that, from 1990 to 2000, and an associate from 1982 to 1989.

Charles Block Announces Available Criminal Law Services

When a person is charged with a criminal offense, he or she may face jail time, financial penalties, and end up with a criminal record. Investing in the law services of an experienced attorney to assist when charged with a criminal offense can produce a more favorable outcome in the case. Charles Block, the criminal lawyer of New Jersey, offers his law services to those facing a criminal charge such as burglary and shoplifting. Residents of New Jersey who are facing robbery charges can hire Charles Block to represent them, protect their rights, and provide them with legal advice concerning their case.

Access Law Store; a New Blog About Law and Lawyers

LogoAccess Law Store makes the best attempt to bring focus on the recent posts putting all the necessary information, law articles and blogs to help the people take better decisions and save them from coming under the influence of any wrong act.

New Bulletpoints Innovative Service Creates a Revolution in Professional Legal Education is a recently-launched website that aggregates a wide range of legal education courses from across a number of high-quality providers, and makes it easier for lawyers to find the most appropriate courses quickly and efficiently. Ultimately, Bulletpoints caters for all legal continuing professional development.

The Law Offices of Bartholomew Baffuto Offers Innovative DUI Defense to Their Clients

Maintaining their prominent position as the best DUI Law Office in New Jersey, the Law Offices of Bartholomew Baffuto offers innovative DUI defense to their clients. A motorist can face various penalties and serious consequences when convicted for DUI in New Jersey. New Jersey motor vehicle law uses a point system to categorize types of violation, in which each violation is assigned a certain number starting at zero. It is, therefore, necessary for drivers in New Jersey to be fully aware of this system and collateral consequences. One needs to find a prominent motor vehicle and DUI defense attorney to consult about their case. NJ drivers can count on the Law Offices of Bartholomew Baffuto as they defend their clients with passion and dedication. Offering Complete Legal Assistance to Innocent Victims of Risperdal Drug, a Dallas based law firm offering comprehensive legal assistance, was incorporated with the sole aim to provide complete information and assistance to victims of the drug Risperdal. The law firm, comprised of senior legal experts, has advocated for innocent victims of prescription errors for many years. In light of a recent case won by the family of an autistic boy against Johnson & Johnson, the manufacturer of Risperdal, the attorneys of are trying to raise awareness about the adverse effects of the drug.