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Saltz, Mongeluzzi, Barrett & Bendesky P.C. Provide Qualified Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Saltz, Mongeluzzi, Barrett & Bendesky P.C. or SMBB, is a legal group with offices operating out of Philadelphia, Media and Norristown, PA as well as Marlton, NJ. For 2015, SMBB is offering fully-qualified medical malpractice attorneys for individuals suffering from medical negligence in and around Philadelphia, PA and New Jersey.

Attorney Christian Scranton and TV's Neale Bayly to Begin Peru Charity Adventure Ride

Scranton Law Firm President Christian Scranton will team up with journalist, motorcycle adventurer, and television personality Neale Bayly for an adventurous ride through Peru. Proceeds from the exciting motorcycle fund-raising ride will benefit the Wellspring International Outreach - Childrens Charity , a non-profit group founded in 2008 that supports an orphanage in Montegua, Peru and another in White River, South Africa. A leading Personal Injury Attorney, Scranton previously partnered with Bayly for a highly successful charity motorcycle trip through the latter country, the proceeds from which also went to Wellspring.

Chicago Real Estate Attorney Danielle Colyer Releases Free Video Info Series

Danielle Colyer, partner at Colyer Law Group, PC 312-922-5152 specializes in Real Estate Law. She has most taken the questions clients most commonly ask, and created a free video series. Available on YouTube and the firm's website at the videos offer practical advice, from choosing a Chicago real estate lawyer to preparing for the real estate process so they can make informed decisions. The helpful content can be also be viewed from any smartphone or mobile device.

Client of Edwards and Kautz Facing Ten Years in Prison Is Found Not Guilty

LogoCriminal defense attorney Dave Bundrick successfully defended a client accused of theft of over $10,000 and facing up to ten years in prison. The jury deliberated just over two hours before returning to the courtroom with the verdict of "Not Guilty".

Carrie Ott Launches GoFundMe Campaign for Solving Crime

Carrie Ott, linguist, translator, and editor, announced a GoFundMe campaign to raise the level of expertise and develop resources to enhance crime-solving capabilities using language clues. Both the Unabomber and Lindburgh kidnapping cases were solved using forensic linguistics. Today more than ever, these resources are essential in solving crimes.

What Does the Anonymity Ruling Mean for Vulnerable Personal Injury Claimants?

LogoIn a ruling announced in February this year, the Court of Appeal has said that children and protected parties in medical negligence and personal injury cases should not be publicly named unless anonymity is unnecessary or inappropriate.

Goldman Scarlato & Penny Premera Database Breach Lawsuit

In the recent years, the company Goldman Scarlato & Penny received widespread recognition for the prominent it has played in some of the nation's leading cases about the violation of the federal and state consumer and antitrust laws. The company dug up those cases that were left pending in courts across the entire country.

Michael Roberts of Rexxfield Catches Murder Fugitive for U.S Marshals

Rexxfield is a digital investigation and online reputation repair company headed by Michael Roberts. Michael is a journalist, licensed private detective and a social justice activist specializing in Digital & Social Forensics. Recently Michael worked in a joint task force team with US Marshals to apprehend a murder fugitive, who had been on the run in connection with the murder of Luis R. Rodriguez, on June 21, 2013.

William Umansky Selected to the 2015 Florida Trends Legal Elite Magazine

William Umansky, founder of the Orlando based firm The Umansky Law Firm, was selected as one of Florida Trends Legal Elite in their 2015 list of Florida lawyers. The 2015 selection marks the third consecutive time William Umansky has been selected to the Legal Elite.

Another Successful Lexcel Inspection for Canter Levin & Berg Solicitors

LogoCanter Levin & Berg Solicitors are pleased to announce that, following an inspection earlier this year, we have been re-awarded the Lexcel Legal Practice Quality Mark by the Law Society for the eleventh year running.

Lawsuit Loans Company, Direct Legal Funding Announces $150 Million Dollars in Funding for Sexual Abuse Victims Until October 2015

In 2013, city worker Brittany Scott documented a claim against Sioux City and the City Manager at the time, Paul Eckert. She claims Eckert made a "sexually threatening workplace" and once she reported his conduct, Scott claims she was struck back against with a downgrade, and was being ignored for openings for work.

Law Office of Zeeshan Ullah Announces New Immigration Legal Services Location

Zeeshan Ullah is a well-known lawyer in the city or Toronto. He has an excellent record of being successful in his cases for his clients and most of that is because of the fact that he is very determined and focused on his work and does all in his power to achieve what he has to in order to give the client the results they want. He has worked as a criminal defense lawyer and was very successful at that, and now, he has started an immigration service. Zeeshan got his law degree from the city law school in London, which is one of the top institutes of law in the world.

Charles Block Discusses Potential Law Enforcement Errors During DUI or DWI Stops

There are many benefits to hiring an experienced lawyer to handle a DUI or DWI case, and one of them is that he or she can discover law enforcement errors. If the police officer made mistakes while conducting the DUI or DWI investigation, it could be used in the case to have charges lowered or dropped. Charles Block, the attorney at law in Voorhees, NJ, is an experienced criminal defense lawyer that has represented individuals charged with a DUI or DWI for many years. Individuals are at a great advantage when they opt to have a skilled lawyer assist them with their criminal charge.

Foreclosure Lawyers in California That Stop Foreclosure

Foreclosure is still very much alive in California even though the economy has been improving and jobs have been created in the past few years. Many homeowners are still struggling to keep their jobs and taking pay cuts, or losing their jobs, or battling illness. Every day, borrowers receive notices of default and trustee sales that result in foreclosure auctions. Every day, the foreclosure lawyers at Consumer Action Law Group are in the trenches to stop foreclosure for distressed borrowers.

Consumer Action Law Group Attorneys Stopped a Foreclosure Sale in 10 Minutes

Consumer Action Law Group today announced that they stopped a foreclosure sale of their client's property in just 10 minutes. The client's property was scheduled for auction sale at 9.00 am and foreclosure attorneys of the firm received a call from the client at 9:12am. The attorneys acted swiftly and filed for a judicial stay of the sale. The trustee conducting the sale then confirmed that the house was protected under the order, and the sale, which occurred at 9:23 am, was reversed.

Fontenot Law Launches Renewed Advocation Efforts in Answer to Child Support Evasion

Although the emotional impact of divorce lies beyond measure, local authorities on the subject place the annual financial cost of family collapse in the state of Utah to exceed $275 million. Included in these statistics are the 75 percent of custodial parents who fail to receive the amount of child support to which they are entitled, causing them to fall below the poverty line. In light of this and other avoidable issues, William Fontenot of Fontenot Law has launched increased efforts to ensure the rights of area residents are upheld in the face of divorce.

Bottaro Law Fights Distracted Driving with Awareness Tips and College Scholarship

LogoApril is Distracted Driving Awareness Month and the Bottaro Law Firm is working to help keep motorists safe in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. By drawing attention to the dangers of distracted driving, Bottaro Law hopes to help decrease the number of car crashes and fatalities in the community.

Clive Farrington Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Raise Legal Funds to Recapture Band Name

Clive Farrington, member of When In Rome, has announced a crowdfunding campaign to raise legal fees for the recapture of When In Rome's name. The band, which is best known for its song The Promise, formed in the late 80's and enjoyed further success after the movie Napoleon Dynamite featured The Promise.

Legal Files Software, Inc. Announces Their Participation in ABA Tech Show This April

LogoLegal Files Software, Inc. provides case and matter management software to legal departments, government organizations, universities and more. The company is pleased to announce that Legal Files Software, Inc will be participating in the ABA Tech Show April 16-18 in Chicago, Illinois. Legal Files Software, Inc. frequently attends expos and tech shows nationwide to spread awareness about the benefits and conveniences available through implementing Legal Files' software in any legal department or law firm.

National Divorce Rate Is Continuing to Fall, but What Do Those Statistics Mean?

LogoThe latest available data on divorces in the United States indicates that the national divorce rate is steadily dropping. However, it's important to explore those statistics in more detail, which is why Brandon Bernstein, a family law attorney in Bethesda, Maryland, wants to help prospective clients understand them more completely.

Miami Criminal Defense Attorney Offers Free Criminal Defense

Miami criminal defense Attorney Chad Piotrowski, was a former Assistant State Attorney for the Eleventh Judicial Circuit in Miami Dade County. Since he established his own firm in 2010, Piotrowski's experience in his field has led him to deal with hundreds of misdemeanor and felony cases.

Prime Minister Harris Confirms Support for St Kitts and Nevis Economic Citizenship Program

The Prime Minister of St Kitts and Nevis, Dr Timothy Harris has recently reaffirmed his commitment to the country's Citizenship by Investment program (CBI). After some concerns were expressed by a number of the licensed agents that promote the program he has given his assurances that the government are fully behind the CBI program.

New Law to Punish Drug-Drivers Is Introduced – The Accident Team Comments

The Accident Team, a collective of personal injury legal experts, has shared their thoughts on the introduction of a new law which will give police the power to tackle drug driving.

Jon McConnell Awarded the "10 Best of 2015" by AIOCLA

LogoJonathan W. McConnell has been honored by the American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys (AIOCLA) as a "Top 10" criminal attorney in the state of Kansas. McConnell is an accomplished criminal defense attorney who not only represents clients in Sedgwick County, but across the entire state. He specializes in cases for criminal defense, civil litigation, traffic law, white collar crimes, and driving under the influence.

The Tragedy of Germanwings Flight 9525 and the Catch 22 of Aviation Safety, an Editorial

LogoAs an advocate (not a lawyer) of fair compensation for the victims of plane crashes, I have been closely following the story behind the crash of Germanwings Flight 9525 and the now notorious 27-year-old co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz. As is always the case, a team of expert investigators will dig out the facts to determine the most likely scenario behind the crash.