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Experienced Immigration Lawyers Helping Residents Throughout Arizona with Their Deportation or Removal Proceedings

Recently a seminar was conducted by the Immigration Law forces where Chris Ariano was invited as the chief guest to speak about the immigration problems and how immigration lawyers help the residents with their deportation and removal proceedings. The head count rose to 500 which was not expected but people really want to know about the immigration laws and regulations.

Lynette S. Byrd and Don B. Southerland Jr. Join Texas-Based Oberheiden Law Group PLLC

LogoOberheiden Law Group PLLC, a Dallas-based national federal practice headed by former federal prosecutors and highly experienced attorneys that assist clients across the country in federal criminal matters and more, announced the addition of Lynette S. Byrd and Don B. Southerland Jr. to its team of legal experts. Byrd recently left the U.S. Attorney's Office, where she served as an Assistant United States Attorney for the Northern District of Texas and during her tenure at the Department of Justice prosecuted health care fraud and anti-kickback violations. Southerland Jr., principal of the Forensic Accounting Firm of Don B. Southerland Jr. CPA, boasts more than 25 years of experience in forensic accounting, fraud investigations and white collar crimes.

Reputations Damaged when Half of an Arrest Story Appears in Search Engine Results

Select Property Management of Tampa Bay has seen a 50% reduction in business after 15 years of steady growth. It was recently learned that this loss is directly related to the damage done to the reputation of Vincent Stona, the company's president, due to the online publication of his arrest, even though the one published case, Case # 1317030CFANO, published on August 14, 2014 by the Pinellas County Florida Criminal Court, was dropped by the Pinellas County State Attorney's Office.

Unfair Dismissal Claims: The Legal Team Comments

The Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT) is keeping a watchful eye on potential unfair dismissal cases where people are close to retirement – thus pension-entitlement age.

Kitsap DUI Lawyer Now Accepting Cases from Drunk Driving Accused in Bremerton

LogoKitsap's best DUI Lawyer Steven E. Bennett is now accepting cases in DUI defense, offering legal representation in Bremerton area to people accused of drunk driving to help them avoid jail time and save their licence.

Jon McConnell Selected as a Premier 100 Trial Attorney by AATA

LogoJonathan W. McConnell was honored as a Premier 100 Trial Attorney by the American Academy of Trial Attorneys (AATA). McConnell is a criminal defense attorney in Wichita, Kansas who represents clients throughout the entire state. His practice specializes in criminal defense, civil litigation, traffic law, white collar crimes, and driving under the influence. The AATA is dedicated to promoting and supporting trial attorneys in each state who meet a predetermined set of criteria for professional excellence.

Criminal Defense Attorneys Helping Residents of Pima County Defend Against Most Types of Criminal Charges

Ariano & Reppucci law offices united yesterday in order to hold an open forum where they discussed how successfully their criminal defense attorneys are helping resident of Pima County by defending them against different type of criminal charges. Different criminal defense attorneys from reputable law firms were also present to appreciate the efforts Ariano & Reppucci are putting to make Arizona a better place for people.

Experienced Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorneys Helping Residents of Tucson and Pima County Obtain Financial Freedom

The experienced and affordable Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys of Tucson and Pima County are constantly in effort to help their fellow residents to obtain financial freedom. Recently, Ariano & Reppucci organized an event where all the local residents and lawyers from different firms were invited to talk about the financial problems being faced nowadays by people and how to overcome them by filing for bankruptcy.

Debt Settlement Lawyers Helping Residents Throughout Arizona Lower Their Debt Amount and Defense Lawsuits

Recently over the past weekend, Ariano & Reppucci law firm held the seminar in their Arizona office where their different debt settlement lawyers helped the residents of Arizona understand how to lower their debt amount, defense lawsuits and how debt settlement can help them survive peacefully.

Work Zone Traffic Accidents a Major Problem for Motorists and Highway Workers

LogoThe safety of highway workers and motorists in construction zones remains a major concern in the United States. There were 609 work zone traffic fatalities in 2012 and 579 the following year (Federal Highway Administration). The consistent number of work zone deaths each year further illustrates the seriousness of the issue.

Leading Canadian Personal Injury Website I Am Hurt Receives Major Updates

I Am Hurt, one of Canada's leading sources of information and legal assistance for all kinds of personal injury situations, announced a major update of the service's website at The improved page features many helpful tweaks and enhancements, along with a number of new guides to common personal injury matters. Thanks to the new updates, I Am Hurt will do an even better job of connecting Canadians to the kind of legal representation that benefits them the most when they are injured through the faults of others.

Defending Clients Who've Suffered from Side-Effects of Xarelto

LogoThose who have suffered adverse side-effects from the medication Xarelto will find that Johnson and Biscone are defending victims who want their due compensation. There are a number of adverse side-effects that can come with using this medication, including back pain, bleeding gums, headache, dizziness, nosebleeds, paralysis, and many more. Anyone who has experienced serious side-effects from Xarelto should seek legal representation immediately to get what they deserve.

Zazinga's New Service Checks Door Staff Badges to Help Licencee's Keep Within the Law

Zazinga are pleased to announce the launch of their new Licence checking service which they have developed to support businesses with legal compliance when deploying and employing Door Security. Is Offering a Free Remington 870 eBook for Law Enforcement and Military Members, a website dedicated to Remington 870 shotguns is offering a free eBook for law enforcement and military members. The eBook will provide essential information about 870 shotguns. Military members will learn to use their shotguns well.

Bill That Would Incriminate Photographing Police Officers Dropped

LogoIn March of 2013, an interesting bill was introduced to the Texas legislature. House Bill (HB) 2918 would have made filming a police officer, or taking a police officer's photograph, a crime if done within 25 feet. Introduced by house republican Jason Villalba, the bill raised eyebrows across the state. In April 2015, Villalba announced that he was placing the bill on the backburner for the time being.

Texas Man on Death Row Executed After Losing Appeal

LogoTexas executes more inmates every year than any other state in the United States. On Tuesday, May 12, 2015; the state of Texas performed yet another execution. 32-year-old Derrick Dwayne Charles was put to death by lethal injection when the U.S. Supreme Court rejected his last appeal. He was pronounced dead at approximately 6:00 p.m. that evening.

Fort Worth Man Shot and Killed by Police

LogoOn Monday, May 14, 2015, a man was shot and killed by a Fort Worth police officer. According to news reports, the man was trying to run over another police officer with his vehicle when the shooting officer fired. The shooting occurring around 4:00 p.m. on the block of 6000 Wheaton Drive in Fort Worth.

Sanctions Ordered Against Atlanta Police by Federal Judge

LogoOn May 13, 2015, a federal judge ordered sanctions against the Atlanta police in a case involving the public's right to videotape police actions. The Atlanta police department was found in contempt of court when it violated a 2012 order stemming from a 2009 arrest.

Legal Files Software, Inc. Announces Upcoming Trade Show Appearances

LogoLegal Files Software, Inc. provides the highest quality case and matter management software for legal departments and law firms of all levels and sizes worldwide. The software, developed in a working legal environment, is now considered to be one of the mission-critical products for legal departments and law firms wishing to bring their processes and procedures to the next level. Right now, Legal Files Software, Inc. is announcing appearances at upcoming trade shows, where the company will demonstrate its top-notch software.

The Law Offices of Donald Witmyer, P.A., Advocates the Importance of Divorce Mediation Before Bringing the Divorce Case to Court

LogoWhen a person or a couple is faced with legal issues regarding their marriage and one or both decides to end the marriage, they have to undergo mediation before actually going through the legal proceedings in court.

Montgomery County Law Firm Provides Reliable Record Expungement

LogoThe Law Offices of Edwin L. Guyer have extensive experience providing individuals from the Montgomery County, Pennsylvania region with strategic and effective legal representation. They offer a wide variety of legal services, including DUI and DWI Defense. Right now, The Law Offices of Edwin L. Guyer are announcing that they are available to provide reliable record expungement for those who are eligible.

Housing Survey and Landlord Issues: Richard Webster Reflects

According toa 2015 Redbrick Survey, up to half of students would not recommend their landlord to others interested in renting property. The housing survey involved 115people from 3 March to 4 April of which 93% were renting with a letting agent, incorporating 27 different agents all together.

Medical Negligence Payouts Rise: Zen Law Comment

It has been recently revealed that United Lincolnshire Hospitals trust paid out over £19 million in 2013/14 to cover medical negligence claims and compensate patients. The figures have been revealed by the NHS litigation authority, and although released only recently, highlight what many believe to be a growing extent of negligence within the health service, which is becoming a pressing issue.

The Noonan Law Firm Announces Complimentary Consultations

LogoThe Noonan Law Firm is pleased to announce that they are offering complimentary and no-obligation consultations. Founded and headed by Mr. Michael S. Noonan, The Noonan Law Firm handles criminal cases related to drug crimes, DWI/DUI cases, motor vehicle accident cases, as well as personal injury cases. When looking for criminal lawyers in Monmouth County, NJ as well as the surrounding areas, The Noonan Law Firm stands out because of the aggressive representation and undivided attention they provide to their clients. To schedule a free consultation with Mr. Noonan, those interested can call 908-309-0303, or fill out a contact form on the law firm's website.

Those Struggling with Birth Injury Are Urged to Contact Rizio, Hamilton & Kane P.C.

Rizio, Hamilton & Kane P.C. provides strategic and effective legal representation in the fields of medical malpractice and birth injury, as well as many others. Rizio, Hamilton & Kane P.C. provides legal services as "Philly's Legal Eagles," offering representation for a wide variety of cases. Right now, they are urging any individuals coping with, or helping others cope with, birth injuries and their long-lasting effects to contact them as soon as possible.