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Corradino & Papa, LLC Advises Caution Around Construction Sites This Winter

LogoCorradino & Papa, LLC a personal injury law firm based in Clifton, New Jersey, is advising construction companies on how to keep their work sites safe in the winter months. While construction is less frequent during the cold months than it is in the spring or summer. Corradino & Papa says that development is still prevalent in many parts of New Jersey.

Upcoming DME Telemedicine Webinar from the Florida Healthcare Law Firm

The Florida Healthcare Law Firm will be offering a free webinar covering DME telemedicine on February 26, 2019 from 12:00 – 1:00 PM EST. The webinar will be hosted by Florida medical staff lawyer Michael Silverman who will discuss laws, risks, marketing, options, state licensure, enrollment in Medicare as a Part B supplier and more. Interested parties can find more information about the webinar on the firms' site.

The Law Offices of Vincent J. Ciecka, P.C. Offers Tips to Help Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Homes

Sadly, each year hundreds of Americans die from unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning, more than 20,000 visit the emergency room, and thousands of other individuals are hospitalized. The Law Offices of Vincent J. Ciecka, P.C. takes CO poisoning very seriously, as anyone from infants to the elderly are at risk. In fact, their personal injury lawyers in South Jersey want homeowners to know how to prevent CO poisoning and what to do in case someone is exposed long-term.

Investigators Blame Speed for December 2018 Bus Crash

LogoArkansas State Police investigators say that the bus was going too fast on an Interstate 30 exit near Benton. The vehicle was unable to negotiate the curve, tumbled off the ramp, and overturned after it struck a ditch. That bus was carrying elementary school students from a football tournament back home to Tennessee. According to Arkansas Police Report #621218427 the crash killed one person and seriously injured forty-five other people.

Electronic Logs Are Not Really Improving Semi-Truck Crash Numbers

LogoTruck driver fatigue has long been a problem for the transportation industry, leading to accidents, fatalities, and significant insurance claims.

New Study Addresses Opioid Use in Maryland Car Accidents

LogoAccording to a recent study conducted by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and published in the journal Accident Analysis and Prevention, Maryland residents and officials need to be paying closer attention to opioid-related motor vehicle crashes and fatalities across the state. While impaired driving crashes can involve the use of many different kinds of lawful and unlawful substances that alter a driver's ability to uphold their duty of care behind the wheel, opioids remain responsible for a high number of drug-related driving collisions.

Gun Storage Laws Could Apply in Shooting by Toddler

LogoIf so, the father in the case could end up facing felony criminal charges and a potential jail sentence. According to a February 3, 2019 WKBN news report, the incident occurred as the 27-year-old, eight-months pregnant mother and her boyfriend were laying in bed watching television. Their four-year-old son was also in the room. He retrieved a loaded, unsecured gun that the father kept under the mattress. The toddler pointed the weapon at the mother and pulled the trigger, hitting her in the face. After transportation to the Harborview Medical Center reports of life threatening injuries were discovered. Police have an open investigation to determine charges in accordance with the states newly passed gun storage laws.

Bluestein Attorneys Launches Revamped Website

Bluestein Thompson Sullivan, LLC, a leading law firm whose main office is located in Columbia, South Carolina, has recently launched a revamped website devoted to its main practice areas, including VA Disability claims, Workers' Compensation, Social Security Disability, Personal Injury, Monetary Disputes, and more.

Alonso Perez Discusses Recent AOB Bill

LogoA recent Senate Bill 122 has been introduced with the intention of fixing the one-way attorney fee provision currently found in Florida’s assignment of benefits (AOB) law. Attorney fees would be awarded solely to the policyholders that win the litigated claims instead of “vendors” that have been assigned benefits in the AOB agreement.

Hochman & Goldin Discuss Uninsured Motorist Bill

LogoWhen law enforcement officers ask a driver to provide their license, vehicle registration, and insurance, it is typically due to a traffic infraction. With advancements in technology, officers are able to quickly verify license and registration status through an up-to-date Florida database. The case is not the same for insurance verification.

Carosella & Associates Sponsors V.I.P. Access Hosted by Western Chester County Chamber of Commerce at the 3rd Annual Historic Coatesville Invitational Vintage Grand Prix

LogoOn September 22, 2018, through Western Chester County Chamber of Commerce, Carosella & Associates, PC was a proud sponsor of the 3rd annual Coatesville Invitational Vintage Grand Prix. Hosted by the City of Coatesville and free to the public, this exciting motorsport event featured vintage racecars and motorcycles from the early 1900's through 1970. An idea hatched in 2015 by City Manager Mike Trio and machinist & avid vintage motorcycle and go kart racer Dick Miles; all proceeds from the Vintage Grand Prix benefit the Coatesville's Parks and Recreation projects.

The Law Office of Zapicchi & Liller, LLP: Helping Couples Navigate the Divorce Process for Years

Going through the divorce process is never easy and is even more difficult when going through it alone. The Law Office of Zapicchi & Liller, LLP a top choice for DUI defense in Burlington County, NJ, is able to help husbands and wives through the divorce process. For years, their team of attorneys has helped NJ residents battle the vicious cycle and process of separating from a significant other.

The Law Offices of Jason C. Pollack, P.C. Wants All NJ Drivers to Be Aware of the Long-Lasting Effects of a DUI Charge

As much fun as it is to get together with friends and family with beer, wine and spirits, it is crucial for drivers to celebrate responsibly. Partygoers must do their best to avoid driving to and from the bar, restaurant, or establishment. Drinking and driving is not only dangerous and irresponsible, but it is also against the law. With minor differences in the language and stipulations between each state, drinking and driving is still against the law in every state.

Anusree (Anu) Nair of Klasko Immigration Law Partners, LLP Serves as Panelist for Indian American Chamber of Commerce Event

Anu Nair, a partner at Klasko Immigration Law Partners, recently served as a key panelist at a national event hosted by the Indian American Chamber of Commerce.

Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, P.C. Booking Consultations Regarding Birth Injury in Philadelphia

The law firm of Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, P.C. is announcing that it's continuing to book consultations regarding birth injury in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. Birth injuries occur in nearly seven out of every 1,000 births in the United States, and the trauma which follows can range from severe to permanent. Parents or individuals who are seeking justice for birth injuries and want medical professionals to be held responsible for the way a child was born or delivered are encouraged to reach out to the lawyers at Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, P.C.

Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, P.C. Representing Clients in All Types of Personal Injury Cases

If an individual has been injured as a result of someone else's negligence, they have the right to sue for damages in a personal injury case. Due to the complex legal nature involved in various personal injury claims, seeking out the skill of a personal injury lawyer is extremely beneficial. That's why Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, P.C. is offering their legal counsel for all types of personal injury cases. Their team of lawyers is prepared to represent clients in a wide range of personal injury cases.

Workers' Compensation from the Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson Provides Nurses with Workers' Comp Representation

As the trusted law firm renowned for their expert services, Workers' Compensation from the Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson is the premier workers' comp lawyer serving Atlanta and the surrounding communities. Now, the organization is advising why nurses and other healthcare workers injured on the job need their professional services.

Darwin F. Johnson Helps Injured Workers Navigate the Legal Process

As the leading workers' compensation lawyer in Atlanta, Darwin Johnson is providing legal guidance to injured workers across the entire state of Georgia. While many injured workers believe the process of filing a lawsuit against an employer is relatively straightforward, in reality, legal proceedings can become challenging to manage without proper experience. Regardless of the circumstances of a case, Johnson recommends hiring a qualified attorney that has experience battling large organizations and insurance companies.

Darwin F. Johnson Is Fighting for Workers' Rights in Atlanta and the Surrounding Areas

The top-rated workmans' comp attorney from Atlanta, Darwin Johnson, has been fighting for the rights of Atlanta workers for over 10 years. After beginning his career practicing under a judge in the Georgia court system, Mr. Johnson has gone on to battle some of the biggest corporations and insurance companies to help his clients secure the compensation they deserve.

Darwin F. Johnson Fights for Clients Who Have Suffered Wintertime Injuries in the Workplace

When it comes to a workplace injury in the wintertime, turn to Atlanta's top-rated workers' comp attorney, Darwin F. Johnson. Each year, countless workers across the country suffer injuries due to the elements of the winter season. Whether it's due to a slip on the ice in front of the office, or from a falling icicle, most injured workers are unaware that it is their employer's responsibility to ensure the safety of their employees at all times.

Darwin F. Johnson Helps Injured Nurses Exercise Their Rights in Atlanta

While nursing is one of the world's oldest and most respected professions, it is also one of the most high-risk as well. Due to the long hours and heavy strain on the body, standard nursing duties often result in injuries. Nurses who have sustained an occupational injury in the state of Georgia can reach out to The Law Offices of Darwin Johnson for legal counsel in their workers' compensation case.

The Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson Provides Legal Services to Injured Correctional Officers in Atlanta

Atlanta's leading work injury lawyer, Darwin F. Johnson, is proving legal services to correctional officers injured while on the job. Working in America's prison system is one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. Whether or not a person is employed at a state-run or federally-operated prison, working in a dangerous field such as corrections presents its own set of unique hazards.

Understanding Birth Control Lawsuits

LogoBayer, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world posted a notice on its website on July 20, 2018 stating that it will voluntary stop selling Essure in the United States for business reasons. The notice advised that the birth control devices would no longer be available after December 31, 2018. Such a decision was made after months of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ordering that the Essure birth control device be further restricted due to concerns about the serious health risks to women. One article stated that, "the FDA took the step because of information indicating that women were not being adequately warned about the potential side effects and complications they could face. However, the company maintains its opinion that Essure is safe and effective."

Succeeding in a 'Simple' Personal Injury Claim

LogoThere are instances where the manner in which a car accident occurs may make the issue of fault cut and dry. However, even though it is clear that the car accident was the other person's fault there is still an uphill battle against the insurance company especially if you are an unrepresented plaintiff.

Local Law Firm Launches New Marketing Initiative

LogoPolaris Law Firm Teams Up with OXY Creative for Exciting New Marketing Initiative North Carolina-based practice headed by Ryan Stowe, Esq. turns to renowned creative agency to bolster web applications and SEO marketing strategies.