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Estate Planning Services by a Team of Estate Planning Attorneys in Citrus Heights is a law company that offers estate planning and probate services to the residents of Citrus Heights and surrounding areas. The team consists of Sandra Hughes and Mabel Thomas, estate planning attorneys with over 29 years of combined experience in the industry. They also offer customized estate planning services for a family, thereby helping them manage financial and legal risks.

Consumer Action Law Group Attorney Sues SO CAL MOTORS

Consumer Action Law Group declares victory against SO CAL MOTORS when Car Dealer Rips-Off Car Buyers

Crowson Law Group Focuses Exclusively on Personal Injury Matters

LogoIf you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident that results in some injury or loss you may be eligible for compensation by way of a personal injury claim. If such an accident is as a result of negligence, recklessness or intentional actions of another driver the law provides that you be 'made whole' by way of a personal injury claim or lawsuit. Injuries that result from car accidents may cause the victim to endure hospitalization, surgery, therapy, medication and other treatments necessary for the individual's recovery. When an individual undergoes such treatments they may dwell on the unfairness of the situation especially when the medical bills begin to pile up. The option of filing a personal injury claim becomes viable, however, the question is whether to settle a matter or go to trial.

May, May & Zimmerman Announces Eric Rothermel as New Partner

LogoMay, May & Zimmerman (MMZ), a client-focused general law firm in Lancaster County, Pa., is excited to welcome Eric Schelin Rothermel as the newest partner on the MMZ team.

Crowson Law Group Provides Accident Attorney in Alaska

LogoTechnology has arrived at a point whereby a smaller vehicle has a black box within it that recounts the events or collects data with regards to how the vehicle has travelled. More importantly the black box provides data with regards as to how an accident occurred. The black box can be found in a smaller vehicle or something as large as an airplane that encounters a collision or accident. And it is from this data that an expert is able to reconstruct the accident in order to determine more of what happened.

Personal Injury: Emergency Vehicle Accidents

LogoThis Press Release discusses emergency vehicle accident statistics and comments on filing a claim against an emergency vehicle driver.

Liever, Hyman & Potter, P.C. Offers Free Consultations to Injury Victims in Berks and Schuylkill Counties

LogoLiever, Hyman & Potter, P.C., a law firm based in Reading, PA, consists of a team of highly qualified accident attorneys who serve Schuylkill County, PA, and have been in practice since 1959. The firm handles only personal injury cases and serves residents of Eastern and Central Pennsylvania. The firm offers free consultations to victims of auto accidents, slip and fall accidents, workplace accidents, medical malpractice, nursing home neglect or abuse, and anyone who has been injured due to the negligence of another person and/or entity and is in need of assistance after being involved in a car crash, sustaining an injury while working, or who has been injured as a result of negligent medical care and treatment.

DME Marketing Advisement Offered by Florida Healthcare Law Firm

The Florida Healthcare Law Firm is offering free webinars and blogs that cover a variety of topics including DMEPOS in Florida, healthcare business sales, medical marijuana licensure, Medicare competitive billing and more. These topics have been selected by the firm because of the demand for information in the legal field from businesses throughout the country. Between new regulations and consumer demand, these businesses are becoming extremely competitive and entrepreneurs seeking information about these options can contact the law office directly.

Multiple Vehicle Accidents: Fault and Compensation

LogoIt is not uncommon on a highway for accidents to involve multiple vehicles, in fact such accidents happen every day in various states. It takes only but a split second to cause irreparable damage. From that one act or failure to act comes a number of factors in determining liability and the root cause of the accident.

Vancouver Estate and Planning Lawyers Tackle Wills and Estate Planning

LogoHow many people do you know who hold a valid will? It might seem like a strange question, but it's a task that many postpone. There's often a fear it will take too much time or money. However, having a will becomes non-negotiable in certain circumstances.

Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer Explains Why Capping Compensations Adds to Victim Toll

LogoSimpson, Thomas & Associates has gained a reputation for skilful management of complex car accident cases that have left victims with various forms of traumatic brain injury. Like many advocates in the industry, the firm is concerned about how the new ICBC cap on minor injuries could impact the rights of injured victims.

Vancouver Estate Lawyers Recommend Planning for Peace of Mind

LogoThe Vancouver Estate Lawyers at Kushner Group have a practice in wills variation, litigation, and estate planning in Vancouver. While estate planning is often an uncomfortable topic, it is one of the greatest gifts one can give, providing peace of mind and care to family members during the periods of transition and upheaval when a death occurs.

Gershon, Willoughby & Getz, LLC Available for Birth Injury Cases Resulting in a Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis This Spring Season

LogoChildren who develop cerebral palsy and other birth injuries because of medical negligence may be entitled to monetary compensation. The birth injury lawyers from Gershon, Willoughby & Getz, LLC have the experience required to assist clients in receiving the payment due to them.

Is an Employment Background Check Lawful

Logo"Surveys show that a majority of employers perform criminal background checks when hiring for at least some positions. It's also common for employers to ask about criminal history on a job application, often ending the process for many applicants before it has begun. Fortunately, job seekers with criminal records have some strong protections under California law."

A New York Assemblyman Is Leading an Effort to Overturn the State's Strict Adoption Record Confidentiality Laws

LogoAmong other things, these birth records generally include the name(s) of the biological parents. How easy or difficult it will be for an adoptee to access their own birth records depends largely upon which state they were born in. New York has some of the strictest adoption record confidentiality laws in the entire country. Indeed, it is extraordinarily challenging for adoptees to get access to their own birth records. As explained by Syracuse, NY adoption attorney Richard J. Bombardo;"Under New York state law; adoptees have almost no rights to get access to their own birth records. Adoption records laws actually vary widely around the country.

Divorce Rate Falling Nationally; but Less So in Central New York

LogoOver the last decade, the nation's divorce rate has continued to drop. However, the divorce rate has not fallen evenly in all regions of the country. As an example, Central New York stands out as a region where the divorce rate has dropped. However, the decrease is far less significant than it has been nationwide.

Federal Appeals Court Dismisses Lawsuit Against Ok Police Officer over 2015 Utility Vehicle Accident

LogoIn real life, it is a dangerous, life-threatening activity. Indeed, people who think they can "outrun" the cops often find themselves seriously injured or killed in the pursuit. On March 19, 2019, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit rejected a lawsuit brought by two men who were seriously injured in a November 2015 chase with a Webber Falls, Oklahoma, police officer. The men, Kyle Lindsey and Zayne Mann, were riding in a small utility task vehicle (UTV) designed strictly for off-road use.

Hire a Tax Professional to Solve State Tax Levy Problems with IRS

Legal Tax Defense, a premier legal firm that specializes in tax audit defense services and also helps tax payers prevent state tax levy. The IRS use state tax levy as a legal means to seize the assets of taxpayers as against the previous taxes owed. The levy is not a lien and the authorities have the right to seize the wages, bank accounts, social security, physical properties and other investment accounts. It could be a big blow on the tax payer's financial status and stability. The attorneys and tax experts at Legal Tax Defense will assist tax payers in avoiding or preventing tax levy and will get the best tax debt relief options for clients. Tax levy should never be handled by taxpayers without any assistance from a tax professional. The tax professionals can negotiate with the IRS and make possible arrangement to stop the state tax levy by negotiating with the authorities.

Carosella & Associates Welcomes Distinguished Social Security Disability Attorney Timothy J. Trott

LogoWe are excited to announce a new addition to the Carosella & Associates team: attorney Timothy J. Trott. Since 1992, Mr.Trott has practiced law in the areas of Social Security disability, bankruptcy, estate planning and business. A former Marine who also had a successful career in business before becoming an attorney, Mr. Trott is a graduate of Fordham University in New York and earned his law degree from Widener University in Wilmington, Delaware.

Franklin J. Rooks, Esq. of The Law Firm of Morgan Rooks, PC Scheduled to Speak At New Jersey Association for Justice Seminar

LogoThe Law Firm of Morgan Rooks, PC, home to the leading retaliatory termination attorneys in South Jersey, is pleased to announce that Franklin J. Rooks, Jr., Esq., has been chosen by the New Jersey Association For Justice as a featured speaker for its Boardwalk Seminar 2019.

Washington State May Be the First to Offer Publicly Funded Long-Term Care Insurance

LogoLong-term care planning can help ensure you get the level and quality of care you need in the event of a chronic condition. As well as, an unexpected injury, or a sudden illness that leaves you unable to provide for yourself. While long-term care insurance, purchased privately or through an employer, can help offset some of these costs; not everyone obtains this type of coverage. A bill was recently passed by the state House of Representatives that would make Washington the first in the nation to offer publicly funded long term care insurance to residents.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Settles the Most Expensive Divorce in United States History. Breaking Record Held By an Oklahoma Oil Magnate.

LogoAccording to reporting from the BBC, the value of the divorce settlement was at least $35 billion. All but certainly making this the most expensive divorce in United States history. This case has brought some fresh attention to Oklahoma oil magnate Harold Hamm's controversial billion dollar divorce case. In early 2015, Mr. Hamm's divorce made national headlines after he sent his ex-wife Sue Ann Arnall a $975 million divorce check. Which she initially rejected.That $975 million check represented the full amount that Mr. Hamm's ex wife won though an Oklahoma County judge. She decided not to accept the payment on the advice of her legal counsel. This was on the basis that doing so would potentially hurt her ability to appeal the decision. Ms. Arnail believed that the $1 billion divorce payment was inequitable when considering the true value of Mr. Hamm's fortune — by some measures he was worth more than $15 billion. Though, there was considerable disagreement over his true net worth. Born in Lexington, OK, Mr. Hamm made his money in large part through the development of the shale oil of the Bakken. Eventually Ms. Arnail did cash the check. Soon after, the Supreme Court of Oklahoma dismissed her appeal.Dividing up assets in a high-end divorce can be deeply complex. As noted by the Oklahoma City property division attorneys at Brown & Gould, PLLC, "Oklahoma is an equitable distribution state. In Oklahoma, a couple's marital assets are split up in a fair manner. Of course, property cannot be equitably divided until identified and valued. Business interests, real estate, and other high-end assets are frequently difficult to value."Even after settling the divorce, and giving up 25 percent of the couple's ownership stake in Amazon; Jeff Bezos will remain the richest man on the planet. Some financial analysts noted that the divorce settlement is widely seen as good news for Amazon shareholders. He escaped certain risks that may have come with a contested divorce. Further, Mr. Bezos retained full voting power over Amazon in the divorce settlement. In fact, there is not expected to be any adverse impact for one of the world's largest companies.

Senate Bill Proposes California Estate

LogoAccording to a news release from the office of Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco), the proposed legislation is modeled on the federal estate tax but would lower the exemption rate to $3.5 million, which is lower than the federal estate tax exemption. Senator Wiener introduced Senate Bill 378 at the end of March. If the bill is passed, it would result in a special fund designed to improve socioeconomic equality in the state.

National Guard Soldier Killed in Rear-End Collision in Baltimore County

LogoBaltimore County Police informed reporters that a Dinora Aracely Flores, a 33-year-old Staff Sergeant of the Maryland National Guard, was the victim of the deadly crash that occurred on the morning of Tuesday, April 2nd in Reisterstown, Maryland, just outside of Camp Fretterd.

Timothy J. Fonseca Achieves Civil Trial Designation

LogoTimothy J. Fonseca has been officially certified as a Civil Trial Attorney by the Supreme Court of New Jersey. In doing so, Mr. Fonseca follows in the footsteps of colleagues Jack Vincent Corradino, R.C. Papa, and Joseph A. DeFuria, attorneys who have been able to demonstrate sufficient levels of experience, education, knowledge, and skill in civil trial practice to achieve the designation.